Bischofsmuetze - Die wohlwollende Koenigin


The powerful monarch was a wise ruler: the well-being of all living things was dear to her heart. She knew: those looking affectionately at the world, can act in a generous and thoughtful way: those, however, who fall for superficiality are ridden with envy, resentment and jealousy. Thus, her main concern was to reveal the beauty of the world to mankind.

The Benevolent Queen and the Salzburger Summit Game

Life is unique and precious: those who only ever compare themselves to others, will have difficulty finding happiness. Quite often it’s the little things in life which gives us satisfaction. The Benevolent Queen teaches us to realise the richness of our own lives.

Speciality of the Bischofsmütze

The Bischofsmütze is 2,454 m high and should only be conquered accompanied by a mountain guide. The hike as part of Salzburger Summit Game is a simple circular tour with splendid views and refreshment stops.

The ritual at the foot of the Bischofsmütze

The ritual of the Benevolent Queen should help you to realise the richness of your own life. It enables you to sharpen your sights for the little and precious things.

Ritual of the Benevolent Queen
the secret message of herbs

You’ve already picked a plant and are curious to find out what it has to say?
Here you’ll find the messages of your chosen plants:

The Lady’s Mantle is a charming wild herb: regardless of rain or dew there are often little, glittering drops at its centre and on the leaf edges: in olden times this “water from heaven“ was thought to be magical. The herb itself also boasts a variety of positive effects and above all counts as a healing herb for women’s health.

The message of the lady’s mantle:

 • Rely on your own intuition.
DDo you have a gut feeling? The lady’s mantle ensures you are more in touch with your intuition and trust it. Don’t be governed by your head, but by your heart or your “gut brain”. Also take a hike up to the Gerzkopf: the “Bearer of Secrets“ teaches us the power of intuition.

Practice calmness.
Patience and devotion are typical, feminine virtues. Don’t try to provoke things or blurt things out. The message of the lady’s mantle is “wait!“ Tea or incense can be produced from this herb.

The ribwort has accompanied mankind for a long time: it lines roads, paths and trails. Ribwort is a universal remedy for light burns, injuries or insect bites. Rub the leaf between your fingers and the smear the plant extract on the affected area of skin. If you have blisters from your hiking boots, simply use the leaves as a plaster.

The message of the ribwort:

 Articulate what’s dear to your heart.
Burning ribwort is supposed to clear your thoughts, soothe injuries, troubles and pain. When you are clear about your own feelings, then you can talk calmly to the person concerned. Maybe it’s time to talk.

 Protect yourself and be safe.
This herb relieves skin irritations and is beneficial to the respiratory tract as well as mouth and mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. It acts as a balsam and is a real universal remedy. Anyway, you should certainly hike to the “Magician“ and the “Healer“, one of which bestows you with zest for life, joy and cheerfulness, the other teaches you the healing power of tranquillity.

Almost every child knows the yarrow: the plant with bushy and tiny rosé-coloured blooms combined with feathery leaves grows in nearly all alpine meadows and along waysides. It provides strength for your nerves and rearrange things that have got muddled.

The message of the yarrow:

To rearrange things.
The yarrow helps you to straighten out things that have got out of control. Where have you lost the healthy balance in your life? What needs to be regulated? In In addition the yarrow is a herb for women. You can make tea or incense from it.

 To make decisions.
The yarrow is rumoured to promote intuition and the power of vision. In ancient times the yarrow was used for oracle incense. When you’re yearning for new perspectives or decisions, then it’s obviously high time yarrow – it’s on hand to help! In any case you should hike to the “Scout“: he is the big visionary in the Salzburger Summit Game and offers visitors an oracle ritual.

Isn’t this plant just simply beautiful? The small, fine blooms are reminiscent of crystal-clear streams or the milky heavens. The plant has many names and is also known as bird’s eye, speedwell and gypsyweed.

The message of the Veronica:

 Ensuring clarity in life.
In olden days speedwell was a part of love oracles, with whose help you could find out whether your loved one was faithful or not. The plant gives you the self-confidence to question things. Search for truth in your life: don’t let yourself be misled.

 Go your own way.
The plant assists you in going your own way: it strengthens your self-confidence. You should also possibly pay the Saukarfunktel – the “Poet“ a visit – up there a ritual awaits, which helps you to continue writing your “life map”.

The small, pillow-shaped wild thyme is a real tumbler: it doesn’t matter how often hikers or cows tread on it, it always stands right back up again. It is the epitome of perseverance, courage, hardiness and will power.

The message of the Alpine Thyme:

 Strength for challenging life situations.
Thyme gives you courage, protection, perseverance, stamina and the fire of life. It strengthens you and props you up. It activates the “Watchman” within you. A hike to the Lackenkogel is also recommended. This mountain corresponds exactly to the energy of thyme and it seems like you might need it.

 Develop strengths and practice demarcation.
Thyme strengthens your body’s immune system and also helps you to redraw lines. From thyme you can produce tea or incense.

Important tour info for
the “Bischofsmütze“ circular tour

Valley resort:



 Refreshment stops:


approx. 45 minutes to the viewing platform

Kirchgasshütte, Hofpürglhütte, Hofalmen

Important tour info for
the “Bischofsmütze“ circular tour

Valley resort: Filzmoos

 Duration: approx. 45 minutes to the viewing platform

Refreshment stops: Kirchgasshütte, Hofpürglhütte, Hofalmen

The “Salzburger Summit Game”
at a glance

What is the Salzburger Summit Game all about?

The Salzburger Summit Game invites you to conquer the seven peaks of the Salzburger Sportwelt by yourself. You can purchase the “starter pack“ consisting of drinking cup, tour book and hiking map in the local Tourist Offices: the tour book includes interesting information about all the summits plus thoughts for along the way. It provides space for personal entries too. At all the summits you’ll find a summit book, in which you can leave a personal entry and where you‘ll find the ritual.

Which resorts are part of the Salzburger Summit Game?

All resorts of the Salzburger Sportwelt are part of the Salzburger Summit Game: that is the resorts of Eben, Filzmoos, Radstadt, Flachau, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Wagrain-Kleinarl and St. Johann in Salzburg. You can purchase the “starter packs“ for the Salzburger Summit Game from the Tourist Offices in all of these resorts.

Who are the “Benevolent Queen and her Noblemen“?

Die „Wohlwollende Königin und ihre Edelmänner“ waren einst eine mächtige Herrscherin und ihre weisen Berater. Mittlerweile längst versteinert, erinnert heute die sieben Berge Bischofsmütze, Penkkopf, Hochgründeck, Saukarfunktel, Gerzkopf, Rossbrand und Lackenkogel an die Legende.

How difficult are the tours?

The tours are all easy to medium difficult and can be undertaken by adults as well as children. There are no climbing passages or exposed spots.

What are the rituals all about?

For each summit a ritual has been concepted around the peculiarities of the Queen, the Noblemen and their messages to us human beings. Thus, for example, the Bearer of Secret’s ritual concerns our most secret wishes, the Poet’s ritual concerns our talents and the Magician’s ritual is all about leaving your comfort zone. The rituals should be taken as an invitation or inspiration and are not obligatory.

Instructions for
the Salzburger Summit Game

1. You can purchase your personal summit box at all Tourist Offices in the Salzburg Sportwelt: it contains the basics needed – tour book, drinking cup with carabiner handle and map.

2. You can conquer the summits in any order you wish. Pick up a stamp for your tour book at every summit.

3. For each stamp collected, we’ll give you a “collectible summit“ for your drinking cup. Carry these visibly on your rucksack, so that you can recognised by other summiteers.

4. In each of the summit books you’ll find interesting information about that particular mountain, plus a ritual. Get inspired!

5. Once you have climbed all seven mountains, a nice surprise is waiting for you. Pick them up at one of the tourist offices.


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