Flavours of the Alps – Skiing & Culinary Delights in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Flavours of the Alps – Skiing & Culinary Delights in Wagrain-Kleinarl

What could be better than strapping on a pair of skis and hitting the slopes on a bright and beautiful winter’s day? I’ll tell you what would make the day even a whole lot better: culinary delights!

So the recipe for an unforgettable ski day is as follows: Take 2 top ski destinations in the Salzburg Alps, add a celebrity chef, spice it up with seemingly endless mountain scenery and use organic food from the region – that’s Ski & Culinary Delights in Wagrain-Kleinarl!

On 17th March, it’s finally time once again for celebrity chef Nelson Müller to spoil us at the organic mountain restaurant Lumberjack. Nelson will spend the day performing a LIVE cooking show with free tastings. So, I’ll definitely be stopping by there! Not only is there delicious food waiting for me, but I’m also hoping for great weather, as there’s a great view of the gorgeous mountain scenery at the Lumberjack. Speaking of weather, the event takes place regardless of the weather – in sunny weather on the terrace and in bad weather indoors.

The great thing about the Ski & Culinary Delights dish is that it is prepared exclusively with high-quality and local products. Most of the ingredients, as always, from organic from the valley. You’re probably wondering what the dish is? I’ll tell you later. 🙂

First, let me tell you something about Nelson. He is a German star chef with Ghanaian roots. The word “home” doesn’t mean a place to him, but a feeling, an image or a melody. The latter also fits perfectly with his hobby, as he performs as a soul singer with a band! His dishes are also based on a very special philosophy of “from nose to tail”. He makes sure that everything from the animal, for example, is used and that there are no waste products. He also likes to pass on his skills in the kitchen to amateur chefs at the “Nelson Müller Cooking School”. Nelson was awarded a star by the Michelin Guide in 2011. The star chef opened his own restaurant, Schote, in the Ruhr region in 2009.

Now back to the dish. Every year a celebrity chef creates a dish exclusively for Wagrain-Kleinarl. It is important that the dish has a local flavour and uses regional organic food. On the subject of food – at the first Ski & Culinary Delights event, I learned from Roland Trettl that the term “organic product from the valley” doesn’t do it justice, but that the precious food must definitely be called victuals, because there is life in it. I found that very beautiful. 😊

So you can also try the dish after the event as part of Ski & Wine Enjoyment in Ski amadé at the Schüttalm – it’s a type of pasty with onion in all its forms – really: filling, topping, puree and much more. The main sauce will be a mountain cheese sauce. A date afterwards is not recommended! 😉 I’m really looking forward to the event and a taste, straight from Nelson Müller. After all, what could be better than combining the two most beautiful things in the world? Will you be there too?

You can find more information about the event here.

photo credits: doppelkopf-studio, ninastillerphotography, Markus Rohrbacher, Markus Fischer

Living in Kleinarl I wake up every morning with a fantastic view of the mountains and forest. Unspoilt nature offers me as hobby photographer amazing backdrops. In addition to photography I love travelling and have made it my goal to visit all the capital cities of Europe.

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