“All’s well with the world here!”
Bauernhoferlebnis Habersattgut
Behind the scenes

“All’s well with the world here!”

Visiting Regina and Martin Steffner, farmers and hosts of the adventure and holiday farm “Habersattgut”.

Bauernhoferlebnis Habersattgut

How about a few days “holiday on the organic farm” belonging to Regina and Martin Steffner in Altenmarkt? There’s always something going on here in nature’s playground. So put on your wellies, head for the barn or the henhouse and collect your breakfast egg straight from the nest. Of course, you can also help farmer Martin with his work in the barn, milk the cows, feed the calves and goats, accompany the sheep or watch the bees at work. And if you discover the farm kittens – they love to be stroked. We promise. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Urlaub am Bauernhof erleben

Regina and Martin Steffner are the farmers of the adventure and holiday farm “Habersattgut” (1.120 m). “When our guests have breakfast on the terrace, look at the surrounding landscape with our local mountain, the Lackenkogel, and enjoy the town of Altenmarkt from above while their children play on the meadow, then they’re happy as larry,” says Martin Steffner cheerfully. And when Martin also fetches the trout from the farm’s own fishpond for dinner – you can also watch – and Regina prepares them deliciously according to her own recipe, then all is right with the world in the country.

Bauernhoferlebnis Habersattgut

Did you know that …

  • … more than 30 qualified and specialised farms have joined forces to form the “Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Adventure Farms” brand?
  • … there are even themed farms such as baby and children’s farms, riding farms and alpine huts?
  • … you can choose your favourite accommodation from holiday flats, holiday homes and guest rooms in all qualities?
  • … the specialities and farm products directly from the farm taste 100% natural?
  • … Martin Steffner distils the best schnapps far and wide – have you heard about his new honey schnaps. Tip: you definitely have to give it go!

“Farm holidays satisfy the longing for idyllic country life, genuine hospitality and intact nature.”

Martin Steffner

Bauernhoferlebnis Habersattgut
Bauernhoferlebnis Habersattgut

You can find more information about the adventure farms in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee here.

Bildnachweis: Nadia Jabli Photography

What could be nicer for someone born in Hamburg, to live in the mountains for the past 20 years? And what could be nicer for a journalist/writer from the North – to work where others take their holiday too? Sorry, it´s not work what I do daily, the written word is my passion! Writing is my vocation … and that for 40 years now. And finally, what could be nicer for a passionate writer than to meet new people every day, who are interesting, who have a story to tell and who concern themselves with subjects which bring us all joy …

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