Experience a day with animals on the Gamskogel – new experience stations are waiting...
Meistercup der Alpentiere in Zauchensee
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Experience a day with animals on the Gamskogel – new experience stations are waiting for you

After an early morning ride up the mountain on the Gamskogel Chairlift, my family and I enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Gamskogelhütte. Full of energy, our kids discover new experiences at the adventure playground: Master Cup of Alpine Animals. Afterwards we head on to the Seekarsee Lake to sunbathe and recharge our batteries – and then relax on the Zauchi tractor train back.

Bergfrühstück Zauchensee

Ever since I was a child, summer holidays for me have meant above all time for family, friends and unforgettable experiences – preferably out in the great outdoors. My wife, my children and I are big mountain fans: we really enjoy being out and about on the alpine pastures and peaks around Zauchensee in summer. As parents, it is important to us that we diversify the hikes we do together with our children. We therefore always look for new routes or choose excursions that offer exciting experiences for our kids. On the Gamskogel in Zauchensee this is really easy!

Breakfast for mountain champions

In summer, we like to start our day early so that we can enjoy the more pleasant temperatures in the morning. We and our kids therefore find it particularly practical that the Gamskogel chairlift is open from 7:30 am every Saturday in July and August. On the Early Morning journey up the Gamskogel chairlift takes us up to 1,900 m above sea level in a very relaxed way. Whilst we comfortably glide up the mountain, we enjoy the view of the mountains and watch the cows grazing on the alpine meadows in the morning.

An extensive mountain breakfast awaits us at the Gamskogelhütte with fresh bread and pastries, fruity jams, hearty cheese and sausage specialities from the region, muesli, fruit and of course: freshly brewed coffee. My wife and I enjoy this in peace on the sun terrace while our kids are already on the adventure playground next to the Gamskogelhütte.

Gamskogelhütte Zauchensee

Animal adventures for the sharp-eyed, curious and agile

The adventure playground next to the Gamskogelhütte is a real highlight for the children: they can test their agility skills to the full at various play and adventure stations. All stations are part of the so-called “Master Cup Arena”, from which three circular trails, the ForestMaster Trail, the AlmMaster Trail and the MountainMaster Trail, lead to further adventure stations.

The Master Cup of Alpine Animals is about getting to know animal species in their respective top disciplines at the various stations in the adventure playground and on the Master Cup trails and discovering one’s own talent for it. The activities are varied and include climbing, long jumping, balancing, searching and skill games. Master Cup passes are available at the ticket office of the Gamskogel Chairlift and in the Gamskogelhütte, where everyone can enter their own successes.


This year, new animal challenges have been added to the Master Cup trails, which we of course have to try out immediately: Egon Squirrel’s balancing trail, prey bowling with Anton Eagle and looking sharp like Susi Ptarmigan. “I’m probably at least as skilled as a chicken”, I think to myself as I accept my daughter’s challenge. At Susi Ptarmigan’s adventure station, it’s all about the best sharp eye and an ice cream sundae for the winner. I’ll give you three guesses as to who beat who here…

Relax and recharge your batteries at Seekarsee Lake

After a well-deserved ice cream sundae for the young winner (and a small consolation ice cream for her dad), we set off for the Seekarsee Lake. The wide hiking trail is easy to manage even for children and tired legs, which is just fine with us today, as we continue to take it easy. The lush green alpine pastures we walk along are full of colourful flowers and alpine herbs. Their pleasant scent accompanies us, as does the soft tinkling of the bells of the grazing cows and the shrill whistles of the often not so shy marmots.

Relaxen in Zauchensee

After about 20 minutes we reach the glittering Seekarsee, around which a circular path leads. Various activity stations with simple breathing and physical exercises invite us to join in. But our secret highlights are the hammock and the large sun lounger. Perfect for enjoying nature, taking a break and dozing in the sun. I’m telling you, simply wonderful!

To get back to the Gamskogelhütte, we take a seat on the “Zauchi”The colourful tractor train travels back and forth between the mountain station of the Gamskogel Chairlift and the Seekarsee Lake every day during the summer holidays. The Gamskogel Chairlift then takes us back down to the valley – and after a refreshing plunge into the Zauchensee, back home again.


Have I whetted your appetite? You’ll find more information about the family and adventure mountain Gamskogel here:

Photo credits: Bergbahnen Zauchensee

After studying in Salzburg, I moved back to my beautiful hometown “Altenmarkt”. In addition to the wonderful mountain scenery and the many opportunities - both in summer and in winter - I appreciate as an enthusiastic musician and member of the traditional brass band Altenmarkt above all the community, culture and customs in our region.

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