Yoga & a summer lift ride in Filzmoos
Yoga und Sommergondeln in Filzmoos
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Yoga & a summer lift ride in Filzmoos

Take the cable car up to the Rossbrand and enjoy a fantastic panorama while practising yoga on the mountain and in the afternoon hike amid unspoilt nature!

Sommergondeln in Filzmoos

Last summer, the Filzmoos Cable Car Company offered yoga on the mountain, and it became an insider tip. Not only guests, but also many locals raved about the classes with Jasmin. The Filzmoos local offers yoga sessions every Thursday from 9:30 am in fine weather.

Yoga am Berg in Filzmoos

Now that I have a few days off, I decide to sign up for the next mountain yoga class. On the day in question, I drive to the Papageno cable car station, where Jasmin is already waiting for me. Jasmin greets her course participants at the valley station. She is holding blue yoga mats tucked under her arm and handing out tickets for the return cable car journey up the mountain. I am indeed really looking forward to it, I’ve seen the beautiful view from the Rossbrand in winter, but I haven’t been up the mountain in summer for a long time.

Sommergondeln mit Yoga in Filzmoos

We board the cable car together and only seven minutes later a whole new world opens up in front of us. Up here at around 1700 metres above sea level we enjoy fresh mountain air, unspoilt nature and a view of over 150 striking mountain peaks, including the imposing Dachstein range, the unique Bischofsmütze and the red shimmering Rötelstein. From the mountain station we hike in the direction of the Dachstein range, where we spread out our yoga mats on a plateau in the mountain meadow among many herbs and beautiful flowers. Jasmin starts the yoga session with a few gentle breathing exercises and light stretches. She has prepared exercises for beginners but also for advanced practitioners. The 90-minute session flies by, as you completely forget about time and space and let your soul soar amidst the mountains, nature and forest.

Yoga am Berg in Filzmoos

I feel like a new person, totally relaxed and really happy. The rest of the course participants feel the same way too. We walk back to the Schörgi Alm, where we have a yoga snack and cup of herbal tea, before a few of us go on an afternoon hike along the ridge of the Rossbrand.

From here you can walk all the way to the Radstädter Hütte, visit the Steinalm or have a snack at the Moosalm. On our hike we meet some cyclists exploring the new cycle routes and making use of the bike transport up the mountain. More information you can find here.

Perfekte Jause nach einer Höhenwanderung am Rossbrand in Filzmoos
Sommergondeln in Filzmoos

Back at the mountain station, we take the cable car back down to the valley. We all agree that we’ll soon be back in Filzmoos for a summer cable car ride or to enjoy mountain yoga with Jasmin once again. Until 15th September she offers courses every Thursday – if you are interested, you should register today by phoning +43 (0)680 3220305 to reserve a place and enjoy an unforgettable experience including a breathtaking panoramic view!

Sommergondeln in Filzmoos

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photo credits: Bergbahnen Filzmoos/C.Fischbacher

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