The Magic flute, the Ghost Mountain and a range of colourful activities: come to the JOKiW...
St. Johanner Kinderwoche
Behind the scenes

The Magic flute, the Ghost Mountain and a range of colourful activities: come to the JOKiWo (Kids’ Week) in St. Johann

This summer the St. Johann Kids’ Week is entering its fourth round.

St. Johanner Kinderwoche

“We want to see children’s eyes shine” – that was our motto when we first started thinking about how to create the perfect week for parents and children here in St. Johann 4 years ago.”

We noticed that children ever increasingly spend a lot of time on vacation staring at their tablets or mobile phones. During the JoKiWo (St. Joann Kids’ Week our aim is for electronic devices to move into the background and more fun and games to be part and parcel of the daily programme.

St. Johanner Kinderwoche - leuchtende Kinderaugen

Mozart will enchant you

And that’s exactly how the JoKiWo starts – totally analog and all the more musical for it. The Salzburg Philharmonic Orchestra has been organizing the family concert series “Children’s Festival” for many years and we really wanted to bring this highlight to us in St. Johann. The first piece they performed was “Peter and the Wolf” and I can still remember how excitedly and almost devoutly the children listened to the story about the wicked wolf. This year we can look forward to the well-known melodies from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Magic Flute” and to Tamino and Pamina, who will surely enchant us.

St. Johanner KinderwocheSt. Johanner Kinderwoche

Climbing joy(s) at the ghost mountain

The adventurous week continues with the day on the Ghost Mountain. “Drachi’s via ferrata” is the new highlight at the Geisterberg and encourages big and small climbing enthusiasts to venture over hill and dale using belays. During the day on the Geisterberg, mountain guide Sepp Schiefer shares his insider tips on the via ferrata and is on hand to give the children advice and support.

Drachis Kinderklettersteig
Drachis Klettersteig

Do you remember? Punch & Judy are coming!

If you’re not quite so little anymore and can still remember the years before mobile phones and laptops, then the puppet theatre á la Punch & Judy was certainly something very special and shaped your childhood days. Unfortunately, such a puppet theatre is rarely seen anymore, which is why it was immediately clear to us that we absolutely had to include a puppet show in our program. In recent years, Punch and his friends have taken us on many adventures in the City Park and we have learned a lot.

Kasperl in der St. Johanner Kinderwoche

Now it gets colourful!

On the last day of the St. Johann Kids’ Week, the town square is then chosen as the children’s mecca. Bouncy castle, face painting, stilt walkers and much more fill the town of St. Johann with colourful activities.

St. Johanner Kinderwoche

Are you as happy as we are that this year events like the St. Johann Kids’ Week can take place again and that we can look forward to mask-free events? Then we will see you at the JoKiWo from 10th to 15th July 2022.

You’ll find more info about the JoKiWo here:

photo credits: JO Salzburg

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