Detlef and “his“ Magic Mountains
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Detlef and “his“ Magic Mountains

Most of us only know Zauchensee as a winter sports and skiing region or as a well-known World Cup resort with a spectacular downhill run – in the heart of the Salzburger Sportwelt at 1,350 m amid a magnificent mountain landscape. I now know that Zauchensee is also a true paradise for a special holiday in the summer months, best for  families. For over 20 years from June to September, Zauchensee has been transformed into the 4* more-inclusive club village “Magic Mountains Zauchensee”.

I arranged to meet Detlef Kleinicke, the “maker” of Magic Mountains, to find out more about the premium offer. We started our “tour at the natural Zauchensee. It is the centre of the lively club life, which – and Detlef attaches great importance to this – stands out strongly from conventional club offers.

Magic Mountains Zauchensee
Magic Mountains Zauchensee

First of all, it’s the family-run 3*, 4* and 4*s hotels as well as flats – 900 beds in total – that have joined forces in summer to offer their guests the highest level of living comfort. Of course, on this day the sun is shining with a little wind so that the sailing course can take place on the Zauchensee. Behind, I even catch sight of a couple of surfers who are tirelessly getting on their boards, following their surf instructor to finally get their surfing licence. Whether it’s volleyball, football, archery or dance classes, Detlef makes sure year after year that there are adventure and relaxation programmes that are second to none. Kids, teens, youths and all those who enjoy sports are looked after by around 30 international guest supervisors for up to 10 hours a day.

Magic Mountains in Zauchensee

Detlef asks me if I would like to go on a hike up the Gamskogel to the adventure playground “World Cup of Animals”. Sure, I really wanted to see it. Really wonderful set up, there’s lots of fun and knowledge here for the kids, but also youngsters. Sliding, scrambling, balancing, discovering, adventure. The way up is about 4 kilometres long. Of course, it’s easier with the Gamskogelbahn. “While we’re up here,” Detlef says, “take a look over there at the World Cup downhill race. You can hike that too and probably not get enough of the views of the surrounding mountains!”

Magic Mountains Zauchensee
Magic Mountains Zauchensee

“Can we make a little detour to the Moon Trail?” I really wanted to experience it too, as I had already read so much about it. The adventure trail is located directly behind the Zauchensee Lake, is about 4 kilometres long and the topic at several interactive stations is the planet moon, which subtly yet powerfully influences people, animals, plants and oceans. From here we return to the starting point. Too bad, one day is just too short. I’ll be back, I promise!

Magic Mountains Zauchensee

4 age groups:

Magic Mini Fruits: 3 to 6 years

Magic Kids: 6 to 10 years

Magic Teens: 10 to 14 years

Magic Youth: 14 to 17 years

Here you can find more information about magic mountains.

photo credits: Hans Huber Photos, Nadia Jabli Photography, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee-Tourismus

What could be nicer for someone born in Hamburg, to live in the mountains for the past 20 years? And what could be nicer for a journalist/writer from the North – to work where others take their holiday too? Sorry, it´s not work what I do daily, the written word is my passion! Writing is my vocation … and that for 40 years now. And finally, what could be nicer for a passionate writer than to meet new people every day, who are interesting, who have a story to tell and who concern themselves with subjects which bring us all joy …

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