The Amadé Bike Marathon – The recipe for a successful race – when it takes mor...
Ziel und Amadé Radmarathon
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The Amadé Bike Marathon – The recipe for a successful race – when it takes more than just a start and finish flag

Mid-February this year – during the half-term break – a colleague pointed out to us at our bi-weekly ream meeting that the things to be done for calendar weeks 5 and 7 have not yet been ticked off the “checklist” for the Amadé Cycling Marathon. These to-do’s are listed by calendar week and marked with the respective name of the colleague responsible.

1 checkliste des Amadé Radmarathon

“I think to myself and feel a bit queasy. I hadn’t thought of that at all and especially not NOW. At the same time, I get a little nervous because I’m only familiar with this event from “visiting” and “watching” it. Nevertheless, I think to myself: “Sonja, you’ve already helped organise so many events, you’ll have no problem”. I actually really enjoy this kind of work, because you always learn something new.

The things there are to do, to organise…

  • There are banners to be designed and printed, there is a need for advertising material so that the locals and guests know that the cycling marathon is taking place again this year.
  • We need sponsors to help us financially and maybe even provide some great prizes for the raffle. The prizes will be raffled on Sunday amongst all the finishers of the bike marathon. This year’s main prize is a great racing bike that will make the hearts of all participants beat faster.
  • There are official procedures for permits, event permits which involve quite a lot of red tape. Residents and neighbours have to be informed officially about road closures….
2 beschilderung beim Amadé radmarathon
  • There also needs to be an additional toilet truck! There are public toilets in Radstadt, but they would not be able to cope with the onslaught of a few hundred visitors.
  • We need music loudspeakers and presenters, so-called entertainers, who entertain the audience with their charm and guide them through the event…
Amadé Radmarathon
  • We need road blocks, barriers, various road signs are required, it is even necessary to relocate the bus stops, parking spaces need to be organised, i.e. the owners of large car parks make them available free of charge for the race weekend if possible.
straßen sind gesperrt beim amadé radmarathon
  • We need refreshment stands to provide the athletes with the best possible care. … without the numerous volunteers and tireless helpers, an event of this magnitude would not be possible.
Amadé Radmarathon
  • For safety purposes, the police are needed to direct the traffic and thus ensure a safe journey for all road users. It sounds trivial, but for every “traffic cone” or “protective mat” many phone calls and emails are necessary so that they are where they belong on the day of the event …
  • There is so much that I was not aware of, because so much is done in the background and is not even noticed by the visitors and participants.

But all this does not happen by itself. That is why each of us in the team has his or her columns in the “notorious” and meticulously elaborated checklist. Although no detail is missing from this list, as a “newcomer” I reach my limits and am always required to “annoyingly” ask what is meant. At this point, a big THANK YOU to my colleagues for the great support with my little problems. By next year I will probably have learned all the “insider” names and some tips & tricks.

As I’m working away, it occurs to me that it’s almost like a very long recipe. The checklist – that is, our recipe: little by little, the ingredients are added, and everything is slowly put together and, in the end, a magnificent result emerges.

To put it quite simply. It takes more than just a “start flag and finish line” for the annual cycling event in Radstadt – the AMADÉ BIKE MARATHON – to take place.

Ziel und Amadé Radmarathon

Two routes “all around” Radstadt

Two routes are available for the 27th Amadé Bike Marathon on 29th May 2022, which leads through the Salzburger Sportwelt with start and finish in Radstadt.

The shorter loop is 96 km long and leads over 1,535 metres in altitude in a circular route via Pichl, Ramsau am Dachstein, Filzmoos, Niedernfritz, Bischofshofen, St. Johann im Pongau and Wagrain back to Radstadt. Two refreshment stations in Ramsau and St. Johann provide plenty of energy along the way. Spectacular views of the Dachstein massif, the Bischofsmütze and the Radstädter Tauern open up on the way. On the long route, participants cover 146 km and 2,221 metres in altitude. From the start in Radstadt, the route is initially the same as for the shorter version as far as Niedernfritz, but then turns into an extra loop that leads via St. Martin am Tennengebirge, Annaberg, Abtenau, Golling an der Salzach and Werfen until the cyclists meet up with the shorter route again at Bischofshofen. Around 700 participants are expected to take part in the race. Get a foretaste and a few impressions of the route here.

Registration and participation in the Amadé Bike Marathon

Participants can register online, late registrations are also possible on the race weekend directly on site.

Streckenführung des Amadé Radmarathons
Das Rennen beim Amadé Radmarathon

Are you ready? Whether you are a starter or a spectator, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the bike marathon and wish you all a great event! Share your impressions of the Amadé Bike Marathon on Instagram under #rundumbergverwöhnt and @RadstadtTourismus.

Saturday, 28th May 2022

  • 12:00 to 23:00 hrs: Hospitality and musical entertainment in the marquee on the town square
  • 14:00 to 20:00 hrs: Issue of race numbers
  • 14:00 to 21:30 hrs: “Noodle meeting” at the innkeepers in the city centre
  • from 20:45 hrs: Public viewing of the Champions League final in the marquee on the town square

 Sunday, 29th May 2022

  • 06:00 to 07:00 hrs: Issue of race numbers
  • 07:30 hrs: Start of the races at the town square with moderator Bernhard Hochreiter
  • from 09:00 hrs: Cycling festival on the town square with food and drink and musical entertainment
  • from 10:00 hrs: Finish of the shorter route at the town square
  • from 11:30 hrs: Finish of the longer route at the town square
  • 14:30 hrs: Award ceremony in the marquee on the town square

photo credits: TVB Radstadt – Sonja Holzer

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