Your regional Easter Hamper from the Salzburger Sportwelt
lokaler Osterweihkorb aus der Salzburger Sportwelt

Your regional Easter Hamper from the Salzburger Sportwelt

As discussed in last week’s blog post, today I’ll tell you more about the custom of blessing food. The tradition of blessing food goes back as far as the 10th century, when milk and honey were originally consecrated at Eastertime. Since around the 12th century, eggs have been blessed too. Nowadays, regional and home-prepared foods such as butter, cheese, Easter ham, bread, eggs and much more are blessed in a beautiful consecration basket covered with a specially embroidered coverlet. Traditionally, the food can be blessing on Holy Saturday in the evening during the Easter Vigil or during the early Mass on Easter Sunday.

Since we have many regional traders and shops in our region that produce perfect food for our regional Easter consecration basket, I’ll tell you more about how you can put together your own perfect regional Easter consecration basket.

Regionaler Osterweihkorb

I went on a journey through the 7 holiday resorts of the Salzburger Sportwelt for you and discovered really great products for our regional Easter hamper. And pssstt, I have already seen the Easter bunny too :).

The Regional Easter Hamper

Flachau: Dorfalm

My first stop for the regional Easter basket takes me to the Dorfalm in Flachau. Just looking at the large window from outside makes me want to try the many regional delicacies. From homemade products and gift ideas to dairy and meat products to jams and honey, the village shop in Flachau has everything for the perfect Easter treat. Today I decide on a mountain cheese and matching butter. The butter in particular is beautifully modelled with a spring motif and therefore fits perfectly into our regional Easter hamper.

Read more about what else you can buy at Dorfalm and how the concept came about here.

Dorfalm Flachau
Produkte Dorfladen Flachau

Wagrain-Kleinarl: BIO from the Valley

My culinary journey continues to the Hirschleitenhof in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Since my family and I are true cheese lovers, I decide on another delicious cheese from “Bio from the Valley” for our regional Easter hamper. My mouth is already watering at the thought of “Biobert”. Conveniently and at any time, at the Hirschleitenhof you can take many products from the self-service fridge with “donation box”.

Here you can find more information.

Bio aus dem Tal Bioniere Wagrain-Kleinarl
Bio aus dem Tal - Biobert

By the way: I also find eggs in Wagrain-Kleinarl at the “Wagrainer Hühnerdorf”. The organic free-range eggs provide the perfect basis for my home-dyed eggs in the Easter consecration basket :).

Antlasseier färben
Eier färben

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: Naturgartl

Wow, I am already so excited about how lovingly and personally the regional shops and farm shops in our region are designed, simply great. In Altenmarkt I find my next important ingredient for the regional Easter hamper. The “mountain farmer’s lavender salt” tastes pefect with my home-dyed Easter eggs. The scent of the salt alone is a real treat. The natural rock salt with lavender blossoms from the mountain is produced by the Warter family in Radstadt. In addition to the delicious salt, you will find other regional products such as cheese, spreads and much more in the Naturgartl in Altenmarkt.

By the way, we have already visited Michael in the context of a blog article and had a look “behind the scenes” of his farm with him.

Bergbauernlavendel aus Radstadt

Radstadt: BiOS

So, let’s have a quick think about what I’m still missing for my regional Easter snack. Oh yes, exactly. A really good loaf of bread. The organic food shop “BiOS” in Radstadt is the right address for me. “A wonderfully crispy wholemeal spelt bread is available today,” the salesperson tells me when I ask what kind of bread they have today. I think to myself: great, it goes perfectly with the ingredients I’ve bought so far. Already packed, my journey continues. Not bad, the regional Easter basket is slowly filling up. A little chocolate is also allowed as a small dessert at Easter breakfast. That’s why a little organic chocolate Easter bunny hopped into my Easter basket at BiOS :).

You’ll find more info here.

Dinkelvollkornbrot vom BIOS in Radstadt

Filzmoos: Kirchgasshof:

In the next of our 7 holiday resorts in Filzmoos, I make a stop at the Eisstadl. From May to October, you can enjoy the well-known farm ice cream from Kirchgasshof at the Eisstadl. Of course, I’m looking forward to that again this year :). However, you can also enjoy the Kirchgasshof’s farm products for our fine Easter snack basket. In my case, the typical “Jausenwürstel” (snack sausages) complete the Easter hamper. By the way: the products from the Kirchgasshof are also ideal for the coming hiking season in your packed lunch.

You’ll find more information here.

Jause Kirchgasshof Filzmoos

Eben: Wieser Wild

After the detour to Filzmoos, I plan my next stop in Eben im Pongau at Wieser Meat Products. In addition to ham, sausage and bacon products, Wieser in Eben offers fresh regional meat, including pork, beef and game. Wow, with this assortment, it’s really hard to decide. But since Easter ham is as much a part of Easter as Christmas biscuits, I decided on a piece of Easter ham.

More details:

Regionale Schmankerl vom Wieser Wild in Eben im Pongau
Wieser Wild in Eben im Pongau

St. Johann: Pongauer Farm Shop

Wow, by now my regional Easter hamper is really well filled and nothing stands in the way of a nice food consecration followed by Easter brunch. In addition to numerous regional products such as jams, pasta, vinegar, oil and much more, I am particularly impressed by the large selection of fresh and regional fruit and vegetables in the Pongau farm shop. What is an absolute must with Easter ham? Freshly grated horseradish, of course. Horseradish is sure to create the “wow effect” at Easter brunch for one or two members of my family. The men in particular, sometimes use a little too much freshly grated horseradish. After all, you have to outdo each other. You know what I mean :).

You’ll find more info about the delicacies in the Pongau Farm Shop here.

Frisches Frühlingsgemüse für die Osterjause
selbstbemalte Ostereier

Happy and grateful

I arrive home overjoyed and grateful with a wonderfully filled shopping bag for my Easter snack. Now the Easter basket is decorated and filled and the consecration cloth is ironed on accordingly.

gut gefüllte regionale Einkaufstasche

The consecration cloth

During the blessing of the Easter food, I remember from my childhood that my grandmother or my mother always put an embroidered blanket over the consecration basket. The consecration cloth was usually a linen coverlet with various embroidered symbols. On my mother’s consecration blanket is the Christ monogram IHS. The Christ monogram IHS translates into German as “Jesus, Saviour, Beatifier”.

Since the food is usually placed in the basket without packaging, the blanket is placed over it to protect it. The votive basket blankets are then gladly passed on to the next generation within the family.


PS: Of course, as I said, I have the food consecrated at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday or at the early Mass on Easter Sunday, so that I and my family can eat it at Easter breakfast or brunch on Easter Sunday.

With this in mind, we wish you a happy Easter and enjoy it!

Dein regionaler Osterweihkorb

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photo credits: Salzburger Sportwelt, Filzmoos Tourismus – CoenWeesjes

The mountains are like my second living room. Whether in summer or winter, I find the endless expanse and the relaxed atmosphere high above the Pongau valleys best of all. Balm for my soul are not only unforgettable experiences amid nature, culinary aspects are on the agenda too. On the one hand, I like to prepare local delicacies myself, yet I also enjoy trying things out and tasting. My articles, I hope, will take you on a wonderful journey through the Salzburger Sportwelt showing you the beauties and numerous facets of our wonderful homeland.

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