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Altenmarkt-Zauchensee has managed to break down boundaries by combining cuisine, lifestyle and culture. At the ““ event in Altenmarkt’s Marktstrasse, the organisers have succeeded in combining art and creativity with sustainable shopping and Alpine cuisine to go in a sophisticated way. A modern and upbeat fusion of different thematic areas to suit every “taste”.

Schaufenster beim Slow Shopping Abend

Days before the shopping evening that took place on Friday as part of the, artists from the region came together to creatively design dolls in the shop windows of the shops and thus create a PopUp.workshop at the same time. With the joint creativity and art, the entire Marktstrasse was transformed into a colourful, lively gallery, where the shop windows were additionally covered with flower petals. The blossoms, which corresponded to the motto, represented the interpersonal contact that is possible again and the common blossoming that comes with it, and above all symbolised the value of sustainability.

Kunst Schaufenster Pop Up Atelier Altenmarkt

Anyone who thinks that an exciting shopping evening and relaxation do not harmonise with each other was proven wrong that evening. Everyone could actually enjoy this feeling at the SlowShopping.evening in Altenmarkt freely according to the motto “Experience moments consciously”. “Only together can we achieve more,” the business people of selected companies from the region agreed and put many of their sustainable products in the spotlight. It is also above all “taking time again” that was in the foreground of this event. In “slow mode”, visitors could browse to their heart’s content with detailed, personal advice.

Shopping am Abend
Genuss beim Slow Shopping Abend

The elaborately decorated shop windows alone, entering a shop again, the friendly “Grüß Gott” welcome of the staff and their personal advice or the prosecco glass pressed into your hand were enough to make you marvel and linger. However, those who preferred to look around on their own could also do so at their leisure, as there is plenty of choice in Altenmarkt’s Marktstrasse.

Pop Up Atelier M

Around 30 businesses were part of this shopping evening that ushered in the summer. Those looking for refreshment were rewarded with real culinary delights after seven advisory chats, twelve changing stories and nine filled shopping bags, because if you moved three steps forward, five steps back and turned in a circle once, you also found various restaurants, cafés or bars in the middle of the Marktstrasse that were so convincing with their regional cuisine. Seasonal dishes based on traditional recipes, decorated with blossoms and herbs in keeping with the motto, told true stories on a plate – the commitment of local farmers, regional producers and enthusiastic chefs merged here.

Alpiner Brunch Cafe Haidl

Those who hadn’t had enough of Friday evening’s impressions could indulge in regional specialities again at the Alpin.brunch the following Saturday morning. Where better to enjoy an impressive evening than in the cafés and bakeries in the middle of the morning hustle and bustle of Marktstrasse? This is exactly where art enthusiasts, creators and shopping lovers met to exchange ideas over local delicacies and to talk about the impressions they had experienced the previous days. Because it is the conscious experience that is particularly internalised in the Altenmarkt-Zauchensee region.

Alpiner Brunch im Cafe Haidl

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Photo credits: Matthias Fritzenwallner

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