Ten tips for feeling happy in spring
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Ten tips for feeling happy in spring

After a mild New Year, a very spring-like February and a winter spell mid-March, the time has finally come – spring is on its way in SalzburgerLand and in Radstadt. Mother Nature rears her head after her beauty sleep and blazes in all her glory: the trees and bushes put on their new clothes in lush green tones, the first buds are appearing on the fruit trees and in the morning of an active day you’re woken by gentle birdsong.

fresh flowers, new colors, the spring shine in full splendor

So that you can experience and enjoy spring in all its facets, I’ve put together a colourful spring programme with lots of ideas for being happy and doing something good for yourself once again. Especially after the challenging past year we could all do with some of that.

1. Enjoy your first ice cream of the season

For me and of course for my son one thing’s for sure: as soon as the snow has melted, the first flowers are in bloom and the sun’s shining down from the sky, a tasty ice cream is not to be missed. My tip: just recently a new Italian restaurant “Da Sebastiano“ has opened up here in Radstadt and they offer a great selection of original Italian ice creams 😊 Just a hundred metres away you’ll find the picturesque town pond, when you can sit down and enjoy your ice cream and at the same time watch the ducks swimming around the pond.

Walking around the city wall in Radstadt

2. Listen to the natural soundtrack of spring in the forest

At the weekend or quite often after work, I take a short walk along the Kaiserpromenade. Here there are plenty of well-placed “benches“ for taking a short rest, closing your eyes, savouring the moment and listening to nature. You’ll find more information regarding the Kaiserpromenade HERE.

Walk along the emperor promenade in Radstadt

3. Trying out new recipes – wild garlic

Spring is always a time for me to try out new recipes. Wild garlic is one of the first of the wild herbs of the season and a real allrounder in the kitchen: the nondescript “leaves” are not only aromatic, they’re also very healthy. So, give your immune system a boost and conjure up something new on your loved one’s plates!

Wild garlic bread, wild garlic salt

4. Bring the scent of fresh tulips into your living room

What woman doesn’t love the scent of fresh flowers? Pay a visit to your favourite florists’, do yourself a favour and beautify your home at the same time. A bunch of fresh tulips in your home will improve your mood after a tiring day – promise! 😉

Spring at home

5. Walk barefoot through fresh grass

Children show us how it’s done – as soon as it’s warm, shoes and socks land in the corner and children go barefoot. Going barefoot activates and strengthens muscles that we use too little in our everyday life. Feet and legs are better supplied with blood and shortened tendons are stretched at the same time. Walking around barefoot through lush, green, gently tickling grass is a real good deed for your feet, which have spent the last few months well packed in warm winter boots. So why not copy the children and maybe you’ll even dare to walk over gravel too? Feels much better than blocks of lego, which the children always leave lying around. 😉

Feel fresh grass wipe your toes, that's spring

6. Get fresh herbs

In addition to fresh flowers, I always like to get a variety of aromatic herbs in spring for my kitchen and/or my terrace, when the weather allows. I love smelling the herbs and spices and refining many a dish. Of course you can also refine drinks with fresh herbs – I’ll just say “Hugo-Mint“… 😊 At the weekly market, which takes place every Friday from 07.00 am -12.00 pm in the Town Square in Radstadt, you can purchase a wealth of freshly-harvested herbs straight from the farmers.

Fresh kitchen herbs refine the kitchen

7. Undertake the first bike tour of the year

In April extensive hiking tours are still not possible, as at higher altitude there’s still snow on the ground until May. Therefore, it’s even nicer to undertake a gentle bike tour at the weekend. Whether city bike, mountain bike or e-bike, the first stages of the Enns Cycle Path between Flachau and Mandling are perfectly suited. We decide along the way how long our bike ride is going to last, depends on our motivation and physical condition – jump onto the the saddle and away we go!

Enjoy the sun and fill up on vitamin D

8. Soak up the sunshine in a scenic spot

Where’s your favourite spot? On a park bench beneath an old oak tree, at a particular place on the mountain, where the view is particularly scenic or on your very own balcony? Wherever it is, use it to fill up with spring sun and vitamin D. Thus, you not only do your body some good, but your soul too.

Sun on the skin and in the heart

9. Visit the freshly-planted garden beneath the Town Walls

As a Radstadt local, I enjoy a stroll along the Town Walls at least twice a week. Even though I’ve walked this way hundreds of times, I always find something new to discover. I enjoy the view the most, which you’ll find south of the Town Wall looking over the Enns Valley. Right here you’ll find dozens of privately kept gardens plots, which the Radstadt locals reawaken in the spring and freshly plant. During the coming months a variety of herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers flourish here, conjuring up an unbelievably colourful backdrop, which is not to be missed.

Gardens in Radstadt near the city wall

10. Finally put your New Year’s resolutions into practice

I’m the type of person, that makes New Year’s resolutions and then forgets them in the hustle and bustle of the holiday period 🙈 How about you? Maybe now in spring, when Mother Nature is blooming anew and you’ve tried out some of my suggestions, you’ll have plenty of energy and motivation to actually put your resolutions into practice? I’m going to give it a go this year 🤞

I wish you lots of wonderful spring moments and plenty of sunshine! I hope I’ve managed inspire you somewhat. 😊 You’re welcome to share your spring moments of happiness with us – #bloghuette – we’re looking forward to it!

Bildnachweis: Julia Winter, Christian Hochwimmer, Envato Elements, Markus Rohrbacher

I was born, grew up and live in Radstadt – that’s says everything – I love my home! In the morning when I look out of my bedroom window, I see the medieval town wall of our historic town & and our home mountain, the Rossbrand. With a lot of imagination even the peak cross at almost 1.800 m. When I’m getting the breakfast ready, I have an unhindered view of the ski slopes and the golf course in Radstadt. What could be better? Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – at the end of each season I’m looking forward to the next. Through my son I’ve really learned to appreciate the treasures which nature and the mountain world around us have to offer. We spend as much time as possible outdoors.

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