Are you ready for the coming ski season?
Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg
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Are you ready for the coming ski season?

A tip to start off with: the pre-season sale of Ski amadé season passes and the SuperSkiCard has already started. It’s worth being quick off the mark, as you can profit from the good-value pre-sale rates until 2nd of December. In addition, this year there is a “Corona-Bonus“ for all those that purchased a season ski pass in winter 2019/20, and a refund guarantee in the event of a new lockdown. That means: should there be permanent restrictions due to the corona pandemic, season pass holders are eligible for a usage-related refund. You’ll find all information regarding ski passes, conditions and offers here: season pass pre-sale

skiing in Ski amadé

How to get fit for the slopes!

So that you can really enjoy your first day’s skiing, basic physical preparation is recommended. Even just a few specific exercises on and off the slopes can help you get fit for fun on the slopes.

More basic stamina – fun for longer on the slopes. If you really want to savour your first day’s skiing, it’s important to get your stamina back on track. According to your personal preference, cycling (no matter whether on a racing bike, mountain bike or exercise bike), running, mountain hiking, swimming or nordic walking are all perfect ways to train your basic endurance. Good physical fitness not only grants you more fun when skiing, but also protects you from injury. Ideally you should fit in one to two hours of physical exercise twice a week and/or short burtss of training, such as a 20-minütiges HIIT-workout or Yoga-Sessions, several times a week.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Everything in balance. With a good sense of balance, you have constant control over your skis and boards when carving and powder snow skiing. Specific co-ordination training not only improves your stance on the boards, but also improves your responsiveness. Perfect for training your balance is a slackline. Simply span the slackline in the garden or in the park between two trees (there are also slacklines with stands if there are no suitable trees available) and balance your way along.

One-legged squats are also very efficient: carry out your squats standing on one leg whilst your other leg is bent or stretched out (=pistol squats). Try to fit these squats into your training regularly and repeat as often as you can.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Warming up after a cold start. Let’s be honest: we all want to jump onto our skis and boards and head off to the slopes as quickly as possible. However, each day’s skiing should start with a short warm-up session in order to prepare your tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints for sport. 10 to 15 minutes should be enough. Great limbering-up exercises for shoulders and hips are, for example, circling your arms and swinging your legs: standing steady, circle your outstretched arms 15 times forwards and 15 times backwards. You can circle your arms alternately, simultaneously or opposingly. To activate your hips and legs, lift one leg whilst standing and swing it backwards and forwards 15 times. For a more stable stance you can use a ski pole for support.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Equipment check: how to make your sports equipment ready for use

Fully-functioning equipment is essential for a perfect and safe skiing experience. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of how to get your sports equipment ready for use.

Ski and board check. Check the base of your skis and boards for scratches or damage. Gross defects should be repaired as part of a professional service. For optimal gliding and carving, waxing the running base and sharpening the edges at the beginning of the season (and according to usage in between) are an absolute must. With regard to your bindings, check the screws are tight and test whilst wearing a ski boot, to see whether you have a safe and stable hold. The binding should also be adjusted to your ability and weight. Ski poles should be checked for cracks, damaged baskets or broken straps.

Tip: The sports shops in Zauchensee offer ski service and ski rental. Before you purchase new equipment and head for the slopes, you can test and compare the latest models.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Does your boot hurt? With regard to ski boots, you should check the buckles and the front and back parts of the boots for damage. Take a look at the base too: you should not head for the slopes with brittle or decayed material. Your ski boot should fit perfectly: it shouldn’t be too tight, rub anywhere and must ensure a stable, safe hold.

Those with a brain, protect it. A ski helmet is not primarily a fashion statement, yet should protect you from head injuries in the event of a fall or collision. Before each use check your helmet for scratches and cracks on the surface. Your helmet should fit well, not rub or slip.

“Useful info“: In the Province of Salzburg children and teens under 15 years of age are required to wear a helmet when undertaking winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing etc.). There are no penalties in the case of disregarding this law, however in the event of an accident you could encounter insurance problems.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Functional clothing. Your outfit for the slopes should be suitable for a sweat-inducing descent as well as for cooling down whilst waiting at the lift station. The “onion“ (multi-layers) principle has proved its worth: the first layer of clothing should consist of temperature-regulating, functional clothing, on top you should wear a heat insulation and breathable shirt. The upper layer of jacket and trousers should protect you from wind and snow, which is why they should be waterproof and windproof. Your outfit is completed with gloves: no matter whether you choose mittens or gloves with fingers, they should be warm and waterproof.

Tipp: if your wash your ski clothing at home in the washing machine, you should use a laundry detergent for sports clothing and not a fabric softener, so that the fabric properties remain unchanged. If you wish, after drying you can spray your upper layer of clothing with a textile waterproofing spray.

Winter start in Salzburg, skiing in Salzburg

Stay safe and healthy throughout the ski season

From a current perspective, there’s nothing standing in the way of an unrestricted ski season this winter. Skiing, snowboarding and freeriding are spacious outdoor sports and exercise in the fresh mountain air is good for your physical and mental health. With regard to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we the Zauchensee Lift Company, implement all necessary health and safety measures required. For example, at the entrance to the lift and whilst travelling in the cable car, wearing a face mask, bandana, buff or multifunctional scarf is obligatory. We’ve put together a list of all current COVID-19 safety measures for you here:

Winter is on its way: stay healthy, we look forward to seeing you soon in Zauchensee!

Photo credits: Zauchensee Bergbahnen, Shutterstock

After studying in Salzburg, I moved back to my beautiful hometown “Altenmarkt”. In addition to the wonderful mountain scenery and the many opportunities - both in summer and in winter - I appreciate as an enthusiastic musician and member of the traditional brass band Altenmarkt above all the community, culture and customs in our region.

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