Summer can come – we‘re ready
Summer in Salzburg, hiking, hiking trips, tours, outdoor
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Summer can come – we‘re ready

Just dreaming is simply not enough. It would be so cool, if we could simply dream. Just imagine that: lying on the couch, your eyes shut and simply dreaming of high mountains, lush alpine meadows and beautiful views. Dreaming that we effortlessly hike up the mountain and almost whizz up the access road on our mountain bike. Oh well, shame. Our physical condition won’t improve lying on the couch. Or maybe yours does and you’ve had experience improving your condition this way, then please let me know in the comments J

So, get off the couch and into your sports clothing. The strict rules have been slackened. Now it’s time to swap your apartment marathon for the mountains and your exercise bike on the balcony for your mountain bike. Keep up with the home workouts for a toned midsection. For all those who’ve preferred the couch: there’s no absolutely no excuse now!.

Summer in Salzburg, hiking, hiking trips, tours, outdoor

Rules on the mountain

So that mountain sport can also be undertaken during these difficult times, experts from the Austrian Alpine Club, Friends of Nature and the Association of Alpine Clubs (VAVÖ) have come up with the following:

  • Don’t take risks: please always bear in mind the difficult rescue operations and burden on hospitals.
  • Keep your distance: at least 2 metres – that should surely be possible with our choice of hiking possibilities. Should it not be possible to keep to this distancing rule on narrow passages, please wear a FFP2 mask.
  • Mountain sport in small groups only: at the moment groups of up to 10 persons are permitted – the larger the group, the more difficult it is to keep to distancing rules.
  • Refrain from usual rituals: no peak kiss and mountaineer’s greeting with hearty handshake this year.
  • Take a FFP2 mask and disinfectant with you – a face mask is also required when car sharing.
  • In emergencies: give first aid and wear a mask.

Please note that when mountain biking, higher speeds require greater distances: 5 m uphill, 20 m downhill or on the flat.

Summer in Salzburg, hiking, hiking trips, tours, outdoor

Is your equipment ready?

The winter was lovely, lockdown was long. Your mountain bike could well be covered in a fine layer of dust. You might need to dig out your walking boots from somewhere. Before you start your first mountain bike tour, you should take your bike for a service check at your trusted sports shop. Check all your equipment thoroughly. As you can only be safe in the mountains with good equipment.

Summer in Salzburg, hiking, hiking trips, tours, outdoor

Summer can come

Those are good prospects J. Dream now of the birds singing, the mountain stream gushing down, the fabulous views from the mountain top, the scent when climbing up through the forest and of the delicious-smelling snack at the alpine hut. However, also bear in mind the correct preparation. Just a few rules could make this summer one of the best. Or by far?

Summer in Salzburg, hiking, hiking trips, tours, outdoor

Photo credits: Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus, Coen Weesjes, Armin Walcher, Haiden

Hiking, biking in summer and even much better skiing and skitouring in winter. Whenever I find time, I’m outside and enjoy nature in our beautiful landscape.

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