Yearning for the mountains: at least you can dream
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Yearning for the mountains: at least you can dream

For the past few weeks life’s been very different. It’s strange, demanding, arduous, yet at the same time it’s become quieter and sometimes even a touch “reflective”.

Quite often, when I’m brooding thoughtfully and am tempted to get a little melancholy, I’ve got into the habit of looking at photos from last spring and summer. That always cheers me up. I’m not a over-keen sports enthusiast, yet I’m someone, who just loves being out and about amid nature. The medium-high mountains, the alpine pasture, the mountain lakes are my stomping ground. Looking at the images, I don’t just click on further. Slowly, and almost humbly, I take in every detail of my pictures.

The yearning to once again stand on the peak of the Rossbrand or to experience the beautiful landscape of the Lackenalmen is growing. Yet nature’s not quite ready and until such time, I’d like to share a few of my favourite photos with you on the blogHuette channels.

And even though it’ll be some time, one thing is sure: we will experience them again – the moments of pleasure in our wonderful Salzburg mountains #atleastyoucandream

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Photo credits: Elisabeth Hartl

Mountains are my passion – I’m out and about outdoors as often as possible – sometimes alone – sometimes with my family, sometimes with friends. I enjoy living in a region, which offers my so many possibilities to “be outdoors”.

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