My “7 Highlight Tips“ for an exceptionally exciting 2020
tips for a great 2020
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My “7 Highlight Tips“ for an exceptionally exciting 2020

Take new challenges and mix them with tried and tested pleasurable experiences and you’ll get an exceptionally exciting year 2020 ahead. Here are my 7 ingredients for stimulating as well as relaxing moments in the new year:

1 “Celebrate life“ – evening

Great food at an alpine hut in combination with action and a visit to an umbrella bar afterwards. That’s what my girls and I like most, a fun hut evening followed by a toboggan race. Whoever’s last down the mountain, pays a round of drinks at “après tobogganing” – and off we go down the mountain!

  • HERE you’ll find a list of all toboggan runs in Flachau
night Sledging in Flachau

2. “Sporting pleasure at its best“

“Click“ and I’m into my touring ski bindings and I head on up through the deep-snowy forest to the peak of the “Monte popolo“ in Eben. I love this backcountry ski tour, as it leads through the forest up to the peak and the descent down the ski slope is relaxed.  Plus, during the tour itself you can decide if you want to head to the Moosalm, Reitlehenalm or right up to the top – so there’s something to suit everyone.

  • HERE you’ll find the ski tour
Ski Touren Tips in Salzburg

3. “Me-Time“ on the mountain

Whether #selfcaresunday or #metime – mindfulness and making time for yourself is all important in this day and age. And it doesn’t take much. Have you ever tried it with your favourite book, a picnic blanket and a fabulous view? No? Then head up the nearest mountain and enjoy time amid nature. My conclusion: “mountain on – world off“ J

  • HERE you’ll find my hiking suggestion

4. “Marmot“ – picnic companions with a difference

#throwback to last summer and something that’s definitely on my to-do list again this summer: a picnic with the sweetest mountain pals ever, marmots. At the Bachlalm in Filzmoos you can observe these cute alpine inhabitants in the great outdoors and with luck and bit of patience you can share your snack apple with them.

  • HERE you’ll find info, where you can observe your mountain pals.
Visit marmots in Filzmoos

5. “Challenge yourself“

Climbing has fascinated me for a long time, the way you have to utilize your body, is really cool. When I was a student, I often went indoor bouldering, outdoors my fear of heights was however greater than my courage to overcome it. Yet this year I would like to challenge myself and take climbing lessons. What challenge have you planned for 2020?

  • HERE you’ll find info about climbing in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee
climbing as a challenge for 2020

6. #onlyindulging – regional shopping

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not exactly the online shopping queen. Actually, I’m so far from it as the south pool from the north pool is. I don’t like things, if I can’t try them on straightaway. And repacking them, filling out the return sender form and taking the parcel back to the post office – err, no thank you, that’s really not my thing. I much prefer to round up my girls and spend an afternoon shopping in St. Johann including extended break for coffee and chatting. We really should do it more often (:

  • HERE you’ll find more information about shopping in St. Johann

7. “TELE-vision” – my favourite sunset spot

Two shandies and a packet of munchies and off I go to the live performance. But not on the telly – no our “tele-vision“ evening takes place outdoors on the peak of the Rossbrand. On the programme, the breathtaking sunset in the unique mountain world of the Eastern Alps. This backdrop has definitely earned an Oscar! My tip: come and enjoy it for yourself J

  • HERE you’ll find details of the Rossbrand
hiking in the mountains in Austria

So, which recipe ingredients are you going to pick for your year 2020? Or do you have suggestions for me, how I could spice up my year mix? (;

In any case, here’s a CHEERS to a exceptionally exciting year 2020!

enjoying live in Zauchensee

Photo credits: Katja Eggenhofer, Salzburger Sportwelt

That’s where I’m from, that’s where I belong – my mountains, I can’t imagine being without them. The view at the peak arouses a feeling of freedom in me, that I can’t find anywhere else. I’m simply a child of the mountains. I would like to introduce you to my wonderful home and show you my favourite spots.

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