How to rediscover the magic of Christmas again as an adult
christmas in Salzburg
Behind the scenes

How to rediscover the magic of Christmas again as an adult

Christmas as it used to be,

a Christmas tree with angels‘ hair,

a manger with a star,

that’s what I’d really like….

These lyrics from a wonderful Christmas carol say so much. Reconnect with the simple, traditional things in life. Especially at Christmas.

christmas in Salzburg

A home-made Advent wreath

Let’s just take the Advent wreath for example. Long banned from many a lounge to make space for flashing reindeer, grinning strangely, and other tacky decorations. But let’s be honest, what could be nicer than sitting around a maybe not quite so perfectly circular, home-made Advent wreath. Letting your gaze wander over the gentle candlelight. The wonderful scent of fresh pine branches making you feel calm. Home-made cinnamon stars with sweet white icing also adding to the feel-good, reflective mood.

christmas in Salzburg

New trend: “Secret Santa“

I find it increasingly difficult to get in the mood for Christmas in the overcrowded shops.  Stressed-out people everywhere, trying to grab one or more presents at the last minute. In my house we’ve been doing a “secret Santa“ for years now. Each person draws the name of a family member. You then have to get a gift for this person, and this person only. So you only have to worry about one present and you‘ve got more time for the important things in life. By the way the secret Santa draw, as we call it, takes place on the first Advent weekend and has since become a cosy family get-together. Over biscuits, nuts and yes, a mulled wine or two this is a special afternoon every year.

christmas in Salzburg

“And now we start to sing…“

The wonderful warm sounds of trumpets, flugelhorns and tenor horns, which you quite often hear from brass music groups in the Christmas period, enchant me again and again. When you hear the wonderful brass music at your next Advent market visit, then deliberately take time to stop and listen. Maybe you‘ll even get goose bumps.

In our region it’s been tradition for a long time now, that on Christmas Eve brass music is played in various places.

No matter how cold it is, these tones bring people out of their houses. When the world-famous, and for me the most beautiful Christmas carol, “Silent Night, Holy Night“ is played, even the biggest Christmas grumps get warm feeling around their heart. You should go out into the fresh air you anyway during Advent, in order to savour the gentle atmosphere in the resort in all its facets on a short winter walk.

christmas in Salzburg

“To the manger come“

As soon as I get my nativity scene down from the attic, which by the way was crafted by my great-grandfather, I get a feeling of elation. I tend to set it up mid-December already, on our old, wooden chest in the lounge, decorated with sprigs of pine.  Baby Jesus, of course, hasn’t arrived yet, he’s waiting patiently in the cupboard until Christmas Eve. Last year, however, I forgot him completely, and only noticed at some point in January that baby Jesus was missing from the manger. But, as according to ancient tradition the nativity scene stands until Candlemas day on 2nd February, my baby Jesus did indeed spend some time in his crib.

Christmas crib

I hope I’ve been able to give you a little insight into my Advent season. You’ll see, if you allow yourself to reflect upon the important things, you’re sure to rediscover the magic of Christmas. Where do you get in the spirit for Christmas?

Now it time to wish all of you a happy, blessed Christmas and perhaps “a Christmas, as it used to be” too.

christmas in Salzburg

Tips & Info: 

Here some suggestions for reflective Advent events in the Salzburger Sportwelt:


Silent Night brass music in Flachau

Christmas Idyll in the Hofalm

Grundner Nativity Altenmarkt

Photo credits: TVB Flachau, Pexels

Als Mama von zwei Töchtern (13 und 11 Jahre) versuche ich die Freizeit neben der Schule und der Arbeit abwechslungsreich zu gestalten. Es muss ja nicht unbedingt am Nachmittag noch ein hoher Berg erklommen werden. Ein kurzer Spaziergang, um vielleicht einen Wiesenblumenstrauß zu pflücken, oder einige Schritte durch den Wald bringen oft schon die gewünschte Erholung. Im Winter wenn die Zeit das Skifahren nicht immer zulässt, reicht oft schon eine kleine Langlaufrunde oder eine Schneeballschlacht in der kalten Luft um den oft stressigen Alltag hinter sich zu lassen und den Tag gut gelaunt und relaxed zu beenden.

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