That was Ski & Culinary Pleasure – with Roland Trettl
Culinary delights on the mountain, skiing and enjoyment

That was Ski & Culinary Pleasure – with Roland Trettl

The star chef Roland Trettl is coming to Wagrain-Kleinarl. At the Ski & Culinary Pleasure events on the 19th and 20th December 2019 he’ll cook the main dish of “Ski & Culinary Pleasure in 4 acts“ at the Sporthotel Wagrain and prepares the dish, exclusively created for this event, the next day at the Kogelalm. Be there in person and enjoy being pampered with culinary delights.

You’re looking for skiing and good food in the pre-Christmas period? Then you’ve come to the right place here in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Roland Trettl and Rudi Pichler enthrall the guests with their culinary expertise. They’ll be cooking on the T1 (more about that later), which Roland Trettl designed. The two chefs use regional produce, along the lines of “twice the joys of the palate“. “Ski & Culinary Pleasure in 4 acts“ on the 19th December 2019 at the Sporthotel Wagrain is the start of this event. On this evening Roland Trettl cooks the main course of the 4 course menu incl. accompanying drinks, Rudi Pichler cooks the other 3 courses. They fascinate the guests with their charm during the live cookery show. The next day it’s up on the mountain, to the Kogelalm. Here all skiers and gourmets can savour the exclusive dish created by Roland Trettl. The best news is: you can enjoy Trettl’s Ski & Culinary Pleasure dish throughout the whole winter season at the ski huts in the Snow Space Salzburg and on the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl ski areas. The ingredient giving it its name comes from “Bio down in the Valley”.

Raise the curtain: the star of Ski & Culinary Pleasure

Roland Trettl is a top chef, herb conniosseur, TV star, bookworm and styler J. He’s been well known to all gourmets since he was  chef at the Restaurant Ikarus. Roland Trettl has received awards from the Falstaff restaurant guide and from Gault Milau. He was also awarded a Michelin star. As a TV chef, he’s on the jury of the Sat 1 cookery talent show “The Taste“ and conjures up culinary delights in the VOX shows “Kitchen impossible“ or “Grill the Profi/Henssler“. He can be seen on prime time TV on his VOX-show “First Dates – A Table for 2“. Together with Michael Mittermeier he presents “True Story“ – a mix of fiction, comedy and authentic stories. As a bookworm he reads everything that interests him. Roland Trettl is an author himself and writes about interesting topics in his books: „Serviert: Die Wahrheit über die besten Köche der Welt“ (Served: The Truth about the World’s Best Chefs plus „Seconds: The Cook who Found True Happiness without Stress and Stars“. He leads through the world of cuisine and – also as author – doesn’t mince his words. Roland Trettl sets great store by all things beautiful. His sense of style is reflected in his dishes – true works of art beautifly the plates.

Culinary delights on the mountain, skiing and enjoyment

Rudi Pichler sees himself as host of Ski & Culinary Pleasure. He comes from Kleinarl and learned to cook from top chef Aichhorn. Afterwards, his culinary journey lead him on to legendary cooking giants such as Sepp Schellhorn as well as Rudi and Karl Obauer. His love of raw materials and his overwhelming curiosity lead Rudi Pichler to an alpine hut in Switzerland, where he learns to make cheese. In South Africa he discovers his love of baking bread. Nowadays his passion for bread is even bigger. Rudi Pichler loves the stage and starts his stage career with his film “Lehrling der Zeit“ (“Apprentice of Time”). Where he heads off on a mental journey back in time to the post-war period and learns to appreciate “old” regional foodstuffs. Today he combines “old“ produce with modern culinary skills. Thus tasty works of art are created. Regionality is centre stage for Rudi Pichler. Together with producers “Organic from the Valley“ he creates new types of cheeses, tastes and cooks them. When at last they’re perfect, they’re ready for his dishes.

Culinary delights on the mountain, skiing and enjoyment

Bio from the valley: 3 “bioneers“ from Kleinarl have a vision: they want to make the Wagrain-Kleinarl valley into a bio-valley. The farmers are passionate organic farmers and love nature and their animals. In their own dairy they produce milk and cheese products. Sustainability and regionality play an important role for the farmers. They’re always looking at the ecological footprint. With “Bio from the Valley” they lay the foundation stone for their dream. They want to spread consciousness amongst the people. At last they’ve achieved their goal and as of now the Wagrainer Hühnerdorf (Hen Village) and the Grosswidmoos Farm provide produce for “Bio from the Valley”. The Steinbauer Bakery is also a member. You can look forward to seeing how the ingredients from “Bio from the Valley” are cooked in Ski & Culinary Pleasure. You’ll be able to taste the difference – that’s for sure.

Culinary delights on the mountain, skiing and enjoyment

T1: Kitchen island or piece of designer furniture? The T1 combines these elements. Roland Trettl designed this kitchen island and Lohberger made it. Roland Trettl and Rudi Pichler cook on their T1 in Wagrain-Kleinarl. It’s the ideal kitchen island: reduced to the minimum, timeless and functional.

cooking with Roland Trettl

Savour Trettl’s Ski & Culinary Pleasure dish throughout the whole winter season

And these stars are responsible for the newly created dish presented at the Ski & Culinary Pleasure in Wagrain-Kleinarl, which you can also enjoy all winter long at selected ski huts in Snow Space Salzburg and Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl.

Hungry for Ski and Culinary Pleasure? Then enjoy being pampered by the cooking experts at Sporthotel or ski huts in Wagrain/Kleinarl. Let us know whether how it tastes: enjoy your meal!

Tips & Infos:

  • Thursday, 19.12.2019: Ski & Culinary Pleasure in 4 Acts at the Sporthotel Wagrain – 4 course menu with accompanying drinks, € 119,00
  • Friday, 20.12.2019: Ski & Culinary Pleasure on the mountain Kogelalm,
    € 14,90 dish per person
  • Tickets available at the Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourist Office
  • All infos about Ski & Genuss

Photo credits: Pink-Ink, Helge Kirchberger, Lehrling der Zeit, Snow Space Salzburg, Lohberger,

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