My winter wonderland – from skiing to the Christmas markets

My winter wonderland – from skiing to the Christmas markets

I just love that feeling, when the fresh snow compacts under my feet and the muffled, yet perceptible sound of stomping in the snow crunches its way into my ears. It releases a feeling of “home“ within me. Now my time has come – winter’s on its way.

“Oh, where should I start with all the things I love in winter“,  really it’s everything. Really? Well, yeah you’ve got me there, Krampus time could be left out, in my opinion, but when I just think of my friend, I know that not everyone shares this view. That’s why the “Krampus“ are ok too.

It’s starting to get dark…

The white magic of winter always fascinated me as a child and it’s never abated. I find the pure glittering costume covering the landscape just magical. Even when it get’s dark so early at this time of year, the many Christmas markets and events light up the darkness and create a feel-good, cosy atmosphere.

Which Christmas markets do I like best? That’s difficult to say, as the  Christmas Walk in Radstadt, the Advent Trail in Altenmarkt and the lovingly decorated Christmas market in Filzmoos all special charm, which you have to see for yourself. Just before Christmas I plan a visit to the Silent Night Museum in Wagrain, to get me perfectly in the mood for the coming festivities.

Tracks in the snow – the first line is mine!

Those who know me, know how I long for the first snowfall. The silent, gentle snowflakes falling to the ground have a calming influence on me, which considering the ski season is about to start, quickly turns into a rush of adrenalin. Making ski turns on a perfectly prepared piste just makes me feel elated. My tip for you: Early Bird Skiing in St. Johann, ideal for pleasure-seekers! 🙂

Not just the thought of the first ski turns make my heart jump for joy, no, I love visiting the ski huts too. I just can’t resist the sweet aroma of fresh Germknödel (yeast dumplings) in vanilla sauce with a poppyseed-sugar topping, and my mouth’s watering just writing about it. I can’t bring the ski hut into my living room, but I have a super Germknödel recipe, so you can get a bit of ski hut feeling “back home”.

And just in case some of you are not in the  “Germknödel“ team, I’ve got a baked apple recipe for you!

Photo credits: Elisabeth Hartl, Verena Buchsteiner, Stefanie Mayr, TVB St. Johann, Gerhard Mayerhofer Photography, Lorenz Masser, TVB Radstadt, TVB Filzmoos, Stephanie Rettenegger, Katja Eggenhofer, invisiblepower

That’s where I’m from, that’s where I belong – my mountains, I can’t imagine being without them. The view at the peak arouses a feeling of freedom in me, that I can’t find anywhere else. I’m simply a child of the mountains. I would like to introduce you to my wonderful home and show you my favourite spots.

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