Bärtl’s Family Trail – a new attraction for children
playground in Filzmoos, family hiking
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Bärtl’s Family Trail – a new attraction for children

From the initial idea to the finished trail

The idea for the new Bärtl’s Family Trail was conceived during my course at the College in Puch/Urstein. Each resort had to select a theme and it was soon clear – walking for families is the perfect theme for Filzmoos. And it was a good decision, as within a year of finishing my course the new family trail has been completed and opened. A few bits and bobs, such as fencing and signposting are still outstanding, but everything else is finished. It passed its safety inspection with flying colours too – and so it’s all steam ahead for great fun for all the family.

playground in Filzmoos, family hiking

Motivating children to walk

What do children want to experience on a walk? My thoughts in the planning phase, were how to get the children to walk to the various stations. Along the 1.5 km long trail 9 play stations have been constructed, motivating the children to carry on walking further as they are generally curious to see what’s at the next station. The family trail is also accessible with pushchairs and can be shortened at several points. Therefore, it’s also suitable for small children.

playground in Filzmoos, family hiking

Highs and lows during construction  

With hindsight I’m satisfied with how the project progressed. Now and again there were a few hurdles, but I think that’s quite normal. Due to the huge amount of snow we had in the winter, construction could not be started as soon as we had planned and the restoration of the sports ground took precedence. Now we’re relieved that the Bärtl’s Family Trail was able to be opened at the beginning of August. Children of all ages enjoy romping around. It’s lovely to see that the finished trail is so popular. A big thank you to all those who were a part of realising this project – the co-operation was excellent!

playground in Filzmoos, family hiking

Test run with playtime experts

Yesterday was the day! I’ve been raving about the new Bärtl’s Family Trail to my nieces and nephews for weeks, the four young playtime experts then put it professionally to the test. In the afternoon I met up with the four boys and girls, to try out the play stations along the trail. The children aged between 4 and 12 years subjected the trail to close scrutiny. You can see in the photos how much they enjoyed it. Or even better – come and see the new family trail in Filzmoos for yourself.

Tipps & Info: 

Free admission – freely accessible for everyone

Refreshment stops: Holzwurmhütte, Kirchgasshof Eisstadl

Walking time in one direction: approx. 30-40 minutes (without stops at the play stations)

Level of difficulty: easy

Other family trails: Moosalm stamp trail, Unicef “Path of Hearts”, wooden figure trail

Parking: car park opposite the petrol station, Grossberg 4-seater chairlift, Übermoos sports ground

Info brochure:

photo credits: Anna Rettenwender, TVB Filzmoos

"In meiner Freizeit backe und koche ich gerne - vor allem alt hergeholte Rezepte aus der Region faszinieren mich sehr! Entspannung von Arbeit und Alltag finde ich am besten in der Natur, da reicht oft schon ein kurzer Spaziergang. Die harmonische Stille vereint mit den unglaublichen Eindrücken und Ausblicken ist einfach unverwechselbar."

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