Film treats beneath a starry sky – the “Open Air Cinema“ in Radstadt
Cinema up on the Alpine Pasture
Behind the scenes

Film treats beneath a starry sky – the “Open Air Cinema“ in Radstadt

Netflix, Amazon and streaming are all the rage, but “real” cinema is different. So quite often on Wednesday evening I head off to the “Zeughaus am Turm” in Radstadt and treat myself to a good film, as “big pictures” are on the programme.

Cinema is dead – long live the cinema
The Radstadt Culture Group “Das Zentrum“ took a stand against the dying cinema age some 17 years ago and with much effort and commitment the “Cinema in the Tower“ has since reached cult status. What started as a sort of wandering cinema in the local Town Hall with a small audience, has developed into a weekly cultural highlight over the years. Since moving in to the “Zeughaus in the Town Tower” around ten years ago the audience has grown steadily and rightly so, as those responsible choose the films wisely and without exception high quality films are shown. What’s on is mostly bang up-to-date. Finally the cinema received a new home beneath the beams of the mediaeval Town Tower and has since been accessible via lift.

Cinema up on the Alpine Pasture

Open-air cinema
The “Cinema in the Tower“ received an additional boost a few years ago with the installation of an open-air cinema in the inner courtyard of the old County Court during the months of July and August. I was able to experience for myself many times that open-air cinema has lost nothing of its fascination. – assuming the weather co-operates. New for 2019 is “Cinema up on the Alpine Pasture”: the cinema moves location on the 14th and 21st August up onto the Gnadenalm near Untertauern, where enjoying films under starry skies at an altitude of 1,300 m is sure to be something special.

It doesn’t always have to be an Oscar
An absolute MUST for cinema goers is the Radstadt Film Festival with its great programme which takes place annually in November. This year too from 6th to 10th November 2019 film treats are on the programme, whereby – as in previous years – the term “homeland“ is the main focus of the festival programme. Themes such as traditions, generations living together, but also flight and migration are touched upon and presented to the audience. The wide selection of national and international films is a guarantee for varied and cosmopolitan cinema entertainment. In addition there are a number of Salzburg premieres and even an Austrian premiere featuring on the festival programme. A number of film-makers are also on hand this year too, to present their films and to talk about their work, which enriches the festival immensely.

So, if you’re looking for me – I’m at the cinema.  

small cinema Austria

Photo credits:  DasZentrum, Peter Bös

Living in one of the most beautiful regions in the world is simply unbeatable. Even in my childhood the region around my home town of Radstadt was a giant playground for me. Today I find here balance, peace and relaxation and my fascination for mountains is unbroken. I also enjoy penning my experiences so others can enjoy them too.

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