Königshof Alpacas – a great experience for the whole family
Hiking for children in Salzburg
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Königshof Alpacas – a great experience for the whole family

Born and bred in Pongau the mountains are my second home and I love hiking, mountain biking and skiing. As I know all too well, that wasn’t always the case – as a child, my parents had to more or less “drag” me up the mountain – as hiking wasn’t my thing!

“How do I motivate my children to go hiking?“

In the Salzburger Sportwelt you’ll find a number of themed trails, adventure playgrounds and alpine events appealing to the younger generation – but that’s not all! Recently the Königshof in Eben im Pongau started to offer an alpaca hike as a way to get all ages hiking. Adventurous as I am, I gave it a go rightaway.

Hiking for children in Salzburg
Hiking for children in Salzburg

Alpaca hikes – accompanying animals on Gasthofberg with animals

The hike starts at the Königshof Alpaca Farm, where the farmer’s wife, Brigitte König, shows us the farm, her fleecy four-legged friends and tells us all about breeding the animals and the specialities of their hollow fibre wool.

Hiking for children in Salzburg

Afterwards we head off accompanied by the alpacas to the nearby Unterreithof Farm. When we get there we’re treated to a fabulous view of the Enns Pongau plus coffee and cake – and Christine Grünwald offers us new insights into beekeeping and the production of her home-made honey and beeswax produce. Really impressive being able to take a look behind the “honeycombs“

Hiking for children in Salzburg

Alpaca Morning – get creative with wool on the Gasthofberg

Talking to Brigitte, she tells me that she works the fine alpaca wool so as to later produce hand-made crafts. By the way – in addition to the alpaca hikes “Alpaca Mornings“ take place every Wednesday at 9.30 am at the Königshof. Brigitte offers felt and craft workshops giving those interested the opportunity to get to know the fine alpaca wool, to learn how to work it and to creat personal souvenirs to take home.

Hiking for children in Salzburg

Königshof Alpaca Farm – interesting details on the side

Currently 17 alpacas and two alpaca foals live on the Königshof Farm. Quite considerable when you think that Brigitte and her husband Rich started out around ten years ago with just two young animals. Brigitte also reveals, that when giving the alpacas names, she’s always inspired by the alpacas‘ origin: “Ramos“ for example origingally comes from the Andorra region and therefore has a Spanish name, whereas “Wonderflower“, who comes from Australia, has an English name.

All in all, a very exciting and interesting day out, which I can warmly recommend for families (who are looking to motivate their children to go hiking).

Hiking with animals

Tips & Info:

Alpaca Hike

Every Friday, 9.30 am

Meeting point: Königshof, Gasthofsiedlung 35, 5531 Eben im Pongau

Duration: 45-60 mins. (hike, followed by stop at the Unterreithof)

Level of difficulty: easy – medium

To book tel: +43 (0) 6458 8194

Cost: € 15,00 for adults and € 5,00 for children

Depending on the weather. Good footwear recommended!

Alpaca Morning

Every Wednesday, 9.30 am

To book tel: +43 (0) 6458 8194

Cost: € 12,00 per person


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Photo credits: Stephanie Rettenegger

Born and bred in Salzburg, mountains, traditional customs, culinary specialities have accompanied me my whole life. The older I get and the more cultures and landscapes of other countries I get to know, the more I realise, how beautiful it really is here. That's why I particularly enjoy sharing these special characteristics of my home with you in the blogHuette.

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