Mi gibt’s a! (I’m here too!) – Radstadt locals show off their handiwork
walk aournd the city in Austria

Mi gibt’s a! (I’m here too!) – Radstadt locals show off their handiwork

The winter season is over and down in the valley spring has been making its presence felt for some time. The days are getting longer, the sun’s rays stronger and I’m beckoned outdoors every day. What could be nicer than a walk around our wonderful historic town of Radstadt?


My children and I don’t just notice the delicate buds that have already formed on the trees and meadows, but also the well-known showcases of the Radstadt Nativity Scene Path catch our eyes. Yet, instead of being filled with nativity scenes, you can discover wonderful, hand-made creations made by locals in the showcases. What’s going on here? And what does the slogan “Mi gibt’s a!“ (I’m here too!) along this circular path?

art in Salzburg

„Mi gibt’s a!“ stands for regionality, for down-to-earth craftsmanship and the passion for creating and realizing something in our region. Where previously each craftsman was on his own or in a small group, now the handicrafts have centre-stage with the regional “Mi gibt’s a!“. The idea comes from my father-in-law, the Radstadt wood artist Sauschneid Sepp. He believes: “There must be some way of presenting the wares of creative artisans from the region”.

wood art from Austria

On my Ennspongau webseite and internet platform “EnnsPongON“ I have already taken up his idea and implemented it online. For over three years now, once a week an Ennspongau local (from Wagrain, Flachau, Hüttau, St. Martin, Filzmoos, Eben, Altenmarkt, Radstadt, Untertauern, Forstau) can present themselves online on my page and say “Mich gibt es auch!“ (I’m here too!). And there have been plenty! But presenting this idea online just didn’t seem to be enough. The Radstadt Tourist Office picked these creative artisans from the internet and made them accessible to everyone along this new “Mi gibt’s a!“ path.


Along the path, starting at the playground along the old town wall in the north, and leading via Prehauser Square to the southern part, to the so-called “Metzgerloch“ (Butcher’s Hole) and The Witches‘ Tower back into the inner town, I’m fascinated by the lovingly decorated showcases of many artisans and craftspersons.

walk around the city

From the wood artist Sauschneid Sepp and the schnaps enthusiasts, Family Müller, the Mandlberggut – the only mountain pine distillery in Salzburg, the Lebenshilfe workshop, the florist Doris Scherübl plus the Marienkind – which is primarily known for its charming baby clothing, to the painter and nativity scene builder Bernhard Pichler, I find numerous wonderful creations encompassing a wealth of artistic talent from the region. As different as each seems at first glance, each has their very own special passion, uniting them along the new “Mi gibt’s a!” path here in Radstadt.

art in Salzburg

Best of all, is that Radstadt can show what it and the region have to offer is a very simple way. And if you particularly like something, you can visit the particular craftsman concerned, as you’ll find the contact details in each of the showcases and in the brochure, which has been specially printed.

I can warmly recommend you to take a look on your next stroll – you’ll be surprised what is handcrafted in Radstadt – amongst the showcases you might well find a suitable gift for the next birthday party or for the invitation to the first barbecue of the season.

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Would you like to know, who said “Mi gibt’s a!“ (I’m here too”)? Then take a look here:

Photo credits: TVB Radstadt, Mandlberggut

I was born, grew up and live in Radstadt – that’s says everything – I love my home! In the morning when I look out of my bedroom window, I see the medieval town wall of our historic town & and our home mountain, the Rossbrand. With a lot of imagination even the peak cross at almost 1.800 m. When I’m getting the breakfast ready, I have an unhindered view of the ski slopes and the golf course in Radstadt. What could be better? Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – at the end of each season I’m looking forward to the next. Through my son I’ve really learned to appreciate the treasures which nature and the mountain world around us have to offer. We spend as much time as possible outdoors.

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