Dixieland Week: Zauchensee’s swinging
The Dixiland Band is now at the Salzburger Sportwelt
Behind the scenes

Dixieland Week: Zauchensee’s swinging

As I’m a passionate trumpet player myself, the Dixieland Week in Zauchensee is a particular highlight for me. From 23rd to 30th March the legendary Dixieland Band jams at various huts and spreads the jazzy spirit of New Orleans throughout the whole ski area.


Dixieland: how did this type of jazz originate?

Dixieland originated from New Orleans Jazz in the1910‘s. White jazz musicians imitated the very Afro-American influenced New Orleans Jazz of the time and developed Dixieland, a music style full of lightness and swing. Dixieland Jazz spread from New Orleans via Chicago to New York. As time went by musicians of all skin colours played all types of jazz. However, it took until the 1950’s for Dixieland to make its way to Europe where it achieved a revival.

The Dixiland Band is now at the Salzburger Sportwelt

How did Dixieland get to Zauchensee?

The New Orleans Dixieland Band comes from – surprise, surprise! – Austria: Wolfgang Friedrich founded the band in the 1980’s. From the very beginning the band leader gave concerts and held jam sessions in New Orleans and all over the world. With his sousaphone, a tuba carried around the body as the main instrument, Wolfgang Friedrich and his band charm their audience again and again – from Vienna to Berlin or Gizeh to New York and of course New Orleans. That’s why I’m really

looking forward to listening to the band playing this year again in the ski paradise of Zauchensee. As what could be better than enjoying our fabulous mountain panorama to the sound of swinging music?

The Dixiland Band is now at the Salzburger Sportwelt

I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the spirit of New Orleans and picking up a few tips for my own trumpet playing.

This video gives you an idea of the special flair of last year’s concerts:

Tips & Info:

Performances by the New Orleans Dixieland Band

On the following dates you can experience the band live and free of charge (subject to change):

Saturday, 23rd March, 1:00 pm Gamskogelhütte
Sunday, 24th March, 1:00 pm Garnhofhütte
Sunday, 24th March, 8:30 pm Alpenhof
Monday, 25th March, 1:00 pm Felserhütte
Monday, 25th March, 8:30 pm Sportalm
Wednesday, 26th March, 8:30 pm Salzburgerhof
Thursday, 27th March, 8:30 pm Zauchenseehof
Friday, 28th March, 1:00 pm Schirmbar
Friday, 28th March, 8:00 pm Hotel Sportwelt

photo credits: Zauchensee Bergbahnen

After studying in Salzburg, I moved back to my beautiful hometown “Altenmarkt”. In addition to the wonderful mountain scenery and the many opportunities - both in summer and in winter - I appreciate as an enthusiastic musician and member of the traditional brass band Altenmarkt above all the community, culture and customs in our region.

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