Demo-skiing: skiing in form(ation)
Youth Demo-Team in Filzmoos
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Demo-skiing: skiing in form(ation)

Have you ever heard of demo-skiing? Me neither – until a few years ago, that is. Nowadays my youngest daughter Emily (14 years old) belongs to one of the best Youth Demo-Teams in the whole of Europe. Let us tell you how that came about and what demo-skiing’s all about:

Emily, what is demo-skiing exactly?

Demo-skiing is a team sport, whereby mostly 6 persons ski a formation in sync to music down a ski slope.

How did you get into this sport?

I’ve been a keen skier for as long as I can remember. In January 2013, whilst training for a children’s district ski race, I broke my thigh bone and as a surprise to cheer me up – as the ski season was over for me – my training and school colleagues performed a ski formation specially for me at the “Snow Festival” in Filzmoos – and thus the “Bögei’s Girlie Demo-Ski-Team“ was born. Joe Salchegger, the Dad of my team colleagues and demo-team trainer helped me get my ski legs back in 2014 and since then I’ve been a member of the “Bögei’s Girlie Demo-Ski-Team“ too.

Youth Demo-Team in Filzmoos

Who else is in the team?

Joe’s two daughters, Selina and Viola, his niece Eva-Maria, my primary school friends – Maria, Lotte and Iris – they’ve all been in the team right from the beginning and are real Filzmoos Girlies. Other team members include Anja and Julia from Salzburg and Linda from Lower Austria.

How often do you train?

Last season 2017/18 we trained up to 4x a week, this season it’s not as easy as some of us are at boarding school. But we try to train at least 2-3 times a week.

What do your formations look like?

At the moment we ski 3-4 different formations. My favourite formation is called “Triangolo“ (triangle in Italian). During this formation we create two triangles which look really cool.

How does each Girlie know where she has to ski?

We train a great deal and nowadays we know exactly how to ski each position in each formation. However, at the beginning our trainer carefully explained how each position should be skied. That is, how many short turns or carving turns should be made and at what speed. Before each performance we get a plan where we can see who should ski which position.

Youth Demo-Team in Filzmoos

What equipment do you require?

Normal ski equipment – however, we always perform in “partner look“, meaning we all have the same equipment from head to toe. Fortunately, our team is sponsored by various companies, e.g. Sport Stefan in Filzmoos (ski equipment) and 2117 of Sweden (clothing).

What else do you need?

Well, you have to be sporty and be able to ski to a high standard. In addition you require quick reaction skills, a good memory plus the enjoyment of outdoor exercise with your friends is a must.

Youth Demo-Team in Filzmoos

Last season was quite exciting for you, wasn’t it?

Yes, we trained such a lot – over  70 training sessions in total – which really paid off.  Servus-TV accompanied us a whole day long and broadcast a report about us. At the beginning of April we were invited to demonstrate our skills at the Austrian Demo Championships in Dienten. However, the absolute highlight was at the end of April – when we headed off to Switzerland. We took part in the European Demo Championships in Samnaun and we were overjoyed at coming second.

What have you got planned for this season?

Of course training as much as possible and taking part in the European Demo Championships in Samnaun again at the end of the season – this time our goal is to come home with the gold medal. J

Tips & Info: 

If you’d like to see the girlies live in action – come to the “Snow Festival” in Filzmoos. Dates:  4th, 11th, 18th, 25th February 2020 – at 8.00 pm at the valley station of the Grossberg 4-seater chairlift.

Picture credits: Heather Vierthaler

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