The Radstadt Nativity Scene Path – a reflective stroll
Christmas Walks and Advent market in Radstadt

The Radstadt Nativity Scene Path – a reflective stroll

Hooray – St. Nicholas Day arrived with a new down jacket for me – just in time for the start of winter. My wife puts on her warm winter boots and wrapped up we head out into the wonderfully fresh air on a stroll around wintery Radstadt.

Christmas Walks and Advent market in Radstadt

Christmas is in the air
As we reach the tower next to the town pond, we notice a sign for the “Radstadt Nativity Scene Path”. We follow the arrow and after a few metres we come to the first glass display cabinet, in which an artistically created nativity scene is displayed. There are a total of 13 nativity scenes along this atmospheric path around the old town wall, each its own little work of art.  They have been created by nativity scene makers from Radstadt and the surrounding area.

Christmas Walks and Advent market in Radstadt

Each of them depicts the Christmas story, whereby each exhibit displays its craftsman’s individual approach to the topic. Some are pompously decorated and other catch your eye with their simplicity.
In the evening the discreet lighting presents the nativity scenes at their best. Arriving at one of the last nativity scenes, the so-called ”Metzgerloch“ (Butchers‘ Hole) leads us along the southern side of the town wall into the resort centre of Radstadt, where we come across the last few exhibits.

Christmas Walks and Advent market in Radstadt

At the Christmas Market
It’s the weekend. From the town centre Christmas music reaches our ears and the Christmas lights lead us to the Town Square, where lots of little, lovingly-decorated stands selling all sorts of Christmas wares await shoppers. The scent of frankincense fills the whole square and around the camp-fire there’s a storyteller surrounded by children with sparkling eyes.

Christmas Walks and Advent market in Radstadt

We meet up with our friends Karl and Andrea and together we head for the punch stand to warm up.
Time flies and eventually we make our way back home. It’s snowing heavily now and my better half just can’t stop herself – a snowball hits me right in the neck and drips down my back. Now you just wait, I’ll get you back!
Who won the ensuing snowball fight? – Well, that’s another story!

Tips and Info: 

“Radstädter Krippenweg“:

from 27th of November 2021 to 6th January 2022
Free admission

You’ll find more info here .

Photos: Lorenz Masser; TVB Radstadt

Photo credits: Lorenz Masser; TVB Radstadt

Living in one of the most beautiful regions in the world is simply unbeatable. Even in my childhood the region around my home town of Radstadt was a giant playground for me. Today I find here balance, peace and relaxation and my fascination for mountains is unbroken. I also enjoy penning my experiences so others can enjoy them too.

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