Culinary Highlight at the “Almabtrieb”: Plum dougnuts
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Culinary Highlight at the “Almabtrieb”: Plum dougnuts

The spotlight during the “Almabtrieb” is of course on the animals, yet the culinary aspect should also not be disregarded. At the “Almabtrieb” festival the farmers pull out all the stops and that all needs to be well-prepared. Together with the local restauranteurs the Filzmoos farmers’ wives special regional delicacies. Starting with sweet “Germkrapfen“ (yeast fritters), farmer’s cakes to savoury meat fritters – there’s something for everyone. My personal favourites by a long shot are the plum jam doughnuts!

Plum dougnuts (recipe for 4 dougnuts)


8 slices                  White bread
50-100 g                Plum / damson jam

0,25 l                     Milk

2                             Eggs
1 pich                    Vanilla sugar

Lard for deep-frying
Icing sugar for sprinkling on the top



Spread jam on one side of the slices of white bread and stick two together. Mix the milk, eggs and vanilla sugar well. Heat up the lard in the pan. Dip the slices of bread briefly in the milk/egg mixture (they shouldn’t get soggy) and deep-fry them in the hot lard until golden-brown. Dry off with kitchen roll and serve with icing sugar sprinkled over the top.

The doughnuts can be individually refined, if you put a shot of run in the milk or mix the icing sugar with cinnamon.

photo credits: TVB Filzmoos

"In meiner Freizeit backe und koche ich gerne - vor allem alt hergeholte Rezepte aus der Region faszinieren mich sehr! Entspannung von Arbeit und Alltag finde ich am besten in der Natur, da reicht oft schon ein kurzer Spaziergang. Die harmonische Stille vereint mit den unglaublichen Eindrücken und Ausblicken ist einfach unverwechselbar."

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