Kick the ball into the hole – golf with a difference
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Kick the ball into the hole – golf with a difference

As already mentioned, my wife and I, my daughter Laura (20), my two sons David (12), Felix (15) and my nephew Max (10) still had the new football golf course on our summer activity to-do list. The owners of the new course in Wagrain also have a course in Wals bei Salzburg which we tried out many years ago.

In Wagrain the 18-hole course is situated next to the valley station of the red 8-seater lift and nestles beautifully into the landscape. After a short introduction (nowadays of course by way of “moving images“) and receiving of the football in the desired national design, you head off on to the course armed with your “score card” and pen.

leisure time for old and young

The holes were busy on this day, yet the waiting times at the tees were reasonable. Football golf isn’t really a question of your ability to handle the ball, rather more tactics and reaction. The holes are in a good condition and when I’m outdoors and the weather’s good I go barefoot, so I of course play without shoes J. We “completed” hole after hole with mostly good results. I played with the two small boys – they had problems counting properly – probably due to the summer holidays. Therefore, I resorted to making a tally list to note the scores.

leisure time for old and young

On the score card the 18 holes are numbered from 1-18 – and the calculated number of hits needed are also given. Next to this you just have to write down how many shots each player needed, or as mentioned, you can resort to a tally list J


At one or other of the holes it didn’t really work out as planned – I assume, it’s the same as a round of golf – and it was mostly due to lack of concentration.

We also achieved a “hole in one“ – Felix managed this trick on run 5 or 6. Along the way you can also often hear other players‘ cries of joy or indeed the opposite – shouts of frustration!

leisure time for old and young

To complete the whole course you need around 1.5 to 2 hours. You can stop and have a break anytime you wish, as the restaurant also has to make a living after all J!

Conclusion: well-cared for, picturesque and extensive course, cool and out-of-the-ordinary leisure activity for the whole family. Also well suited to club outings – I’ll suggest it at our next “elderly gents’“ get-together.

leisure time for old and young

Tips & Info:

Soccerpark Wagrain-Kleinarl

Opening times:

Daily from 10.00 am

From 10th September
Monday to Friday from 1.00 pm, Saturday + Sunday + bank holidays from 10.00 am – open until sundown! (Special opening times for groups according to prior agreement)

Tel: +43 664-3563004

Photo credits: Hannes Rieser

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