Adrenalin meets Endorphins
ein verrücktes Laufspektakel in Flachau
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Adrenalin meets Endorphins

Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun Flachau – that’s why we’re here!

Without a doubt, be described as the “mother of all obstacles races“. In order to take part in the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun, you definitely need to be prepared to test your very limits. Yet, there’s a fun factor too. Costumes and eccentric props give the event a touch of craziness and make it fun for participants and spectators alike.

We asked Martina, Sabrina and Silvia – three “energetic“ Flachau ladies, who’ve already taken part in the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun three times, for an interview.

fit für den StrongmanRun

You’re very sporty ladies in general – however, a lot of special preparation is required before taking part in this running event. What exactly?

Sabrina: “Well, since the snow disappears we meet up 2-3 times a week for a run together. We always incorporate in a few obstacles, as at the coming Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun there are sure to be a few mean challenges for us to conquer too.”

Martina: “And after our run there’s almost always treat ourselves to an “After-Run-Drink J“ as a reward.”

What motivates you to take on this “hard“ race?

Silvia: “The run challenges me – it awakes my fighting spirit and when I reach the finishing line I am unbelievably proud of myself. I’ve not just given everything physically, but have also shown mental strength and that provokes a rush of feel-good hormonesJ. Plus, at the legendary “After-Run-Party” we girls celebrate in style.“

fit für den StrongmanRun

Which obstacle or hurdle do you find the most demanding?  

Martina: “The uphill passages are very, very energy-sapping, whereby the refreshment stop on the mountain always triggers a surge of motivation.“

Sabrina: “The Canale Grande (= an approx. 30 m water trough, filled with “ice-cold“ water up to waist height) costs me a huge amount of effort – it’s a refreshing kick of a very unpleasant kind.“

ein verrücktes Laufspektakel in Flachau

What are the best moments at the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun?

All three agree: “The excitement in the air when the starters warm-up together before the start of the race. That’s a real show. But the great atmosphere and the many cheers from spectators along the route throughout the whole of the race give us a fresh motivation over and over again.

Well, we’re certainly curious to see which outfits you’ll be wearing on the 14th of July. Good luck!

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy being an active participant or a spectator at this crazy event, here’s a taster of what you can expect on the 14th of July at the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun in Flachau:

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You’ll find further information regarding the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun here:

Photo credits: Daniela Maier, Wildbild

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