E – Mountain Biking: Discover a new passion, safely of course
e-Mountainbiken in der Salzburger Sportwelt
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E – Mountain Biking: Discover a new passion, safely of course

As I sat on the terrace of the Sattelbauer mountain inn one morning recently with my colleague Elisabeth having breakfast after a nice hike to the Lackenkogel, I noticed that this year there are more mountain bikers there than in previous years. Or maybe it’s better to say, its e-mountain bikers who are conquering the mountains here. The tour from Flachau over the Sattelbauer and Winterbauer is really beautiful and ideal for e-mountain biking too.

Elisabeth said I wonder if we should try it? Up until now my bike rides have only been a ride to the lake in Flachauwinkl to go swimming, but a real ride in the mountains? And what about downhill? Is that really something for me?

e-Mountainbiken in der Salzburger Sportwelt

When your passion becomes your vocation

If it’s anything to do with cycling in our region then the name Rupert Pichler is often mentioned. And that’s not without good reason. With his Fun & Pro Bike Academy Rupert offers an extensive bike competence centre with daily guided rides, bike shop, hire and service, skills workshops and much more.

Over the last few years e-mountain biking has become even more popular. The mountains of the Salzburger Sportwelt offer an extensive network of bike routes, 540km of varying difficulty in total. The sign-posted routes are also really suitable for e-mountain bikes. For anyone who doesn’t own one or can’t bring their own e-bike with them, there are roughly 250 e-bikes for hire as well as an extensive network of re-charging points.

e-Mountainbiken in der Salzburger Sportwelt

Rupert Pichler: “The e – mountain bike has become a real phenomenon. It also offers several advantages. True to the saying “the journey is the destination“ and not a record-beating time, passionate e-mountain bikers only really use the electric power to help them cover longer distances and greater altitude. When it’s less tiring the enjoyment factor increases so you can enjoy nature more if you’re not completely shattered and you have to use less muscle power too.

e-Mountainbiken in der Salzburger Sportwelt
e-Mountainbiken in der Salzburger Sportwelt

Rupert, what do you think the main advantages of the e-mountain bike are, and what should I bear in mind as a newcomer?

However even with all the euphoria which comes from e-mountain bikes newcomers shouldn’t forget that e-mountain bikes place greater demands on your own biking skills. E-mountain bikes are heavier and demand more from the brakes than “normal” mountain bikes. This is why it’s important to have good mountain biking skills and also why I always recommend taking part in a riding skills workshop before your first real mountain bike tour. Here you’ll learn the best way to handle your e-mountain bike, improve your technique for riding through corners and learn how to brake correctly to avoid a crash too.”

No sooner said than done. Elisabeth and I had registered for the mountain biking skills course. Watch this video yourself to see how we got on!

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Book a mountain bike riding skills workshop here

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Photo credits: Elisabeth Hartl, TVB Flachau

Mountains are my passion – I’m out and about outdoors as often as possible – sometimes alone – sometimes with my family, sometimes with friends. I enjoy living in a region, which offers my so many possibilities to “be outdoors”.

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