On cross country skis through the Flachau Valley
Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal
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On cross country skis through the Flachau Valley

It doesn’t always have to be a mega-quick skating tour, our state-of-the-art sports watches tracking our every movement, so we know exactly how long we took, how many calories we burned and how much rest time we need afterwards.

Cross country as a sort of “hiking on skis“ has its own very individual quality, and indeed a very special attraction. We’re happy for you to join us along the Flachauwinkl trail – the absolute classic for “ski hiking”. By we, I mean my colleague Elisabeth and myself.

Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal

All you need to bring with you apart from your equipment is a thermos flask filled with hot tea and a bit of time. Time for mindful exercise, time to look around, time to switch off and time to enjoy.

We join the trail near the Flachau resort centre, just below the Starjet 1 lift station. We head off at a moderate pace in a southerly direction. We enjoy the view of the charming, yet fine historic centre of Flachau, before we tackle a narrower and more demanding trail section on the outskirts of the resort. Around the Restaurant Seestüberl the trail becomes wider and easier once again.

Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal

On the bridge after the bathing lake we meet Jürgen and his wife who are on their first holiday in Flachau. The pair are in good spirits and tell us that today was their lucky day. The trail groomer Didi drove right in front of them with his “trail weasel“, freshly grooming the trail, and if you’ve experienced it, you’ll know that a “virgin trail“ is an absolute dream.

Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal

We say goodbye to the couple and carry on our tour towards Flachauwinkl. Our joy and motivation know no bounds, as we too can now enjoy the freshly groomed trail. We pass the wayside shrine beneath the Gindlgut, ski through the forest, pass the two Flachauwinkl ski mountains and follow the trail to its end at the Schauphof.

Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal
Mit den Langlaufski durchs Flachautal

Of course on a “pleasure tour“ such as this, a cosy refreshment stop is a must. This time we’ve decided to stop on the way back at the Restaurant Ofentürl. The hot cheese dumpling soup is particularly fine after extensive physical exercise in wintery temperatures and we can treat ourselves to a tasty hot chocolate with a shot of firewater without a guilty conscience.

Info & Tips:

The trail from Flachau to the Jausenstation Schauphof is around 9 km – 18 km return

Refreshment stops
Restaurant Seestüberl

Gasthof-Hotel Wieseneck


Seilbar im Highport

Jausenstation Schauphof

Parking: Car park BBF Center or next to the crazy golf course on the resort centre

Tip: For all those who prefer a shorter version, we recommend joining the trail from the Restaurant Seestüberl.

Photo credits: Elisabeth Hartl

Mountains are my passion – I’m out and about outdoors as often as possible – sometimes alone – sometimes with my family, sometimes with friends. I enjoy living in a region, which offers my so many possibilities to “be outdoors”.

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