“Smile please“ – behind the scenes at our photo shoot
Behind the scenes

“Smile please“ – behind the scenes at our photo shoot

The next summer’s sure to come, I always hear my friend saying at the summer sales, although the summer is already nearly over. Yet she’s right, next summer will come round quicker than you think, which is why we’re already producing Salzburger Sportwelt summer photos for next year.

For the first time I’m able to take over the organisation of this photo shoot, okay, but what know-how could you possibly need? – two models and a photographer and away you go. However, I thought wrong. There’s so much more to it than meets the eye, but let’s start at the beginning.

The preparation

The list of preparations for a photo shoot is long. The themes have been decided on – we need up-to-date e-bike, food and hiking photos. The photographer is booked already, but who would like to be a model? I comb my list of facebook friends, but it’s really not easy to find someone. Mostly the boys are not too keen. And the boys and girls should harmonize in front of the camera and match in height and type. After several attempts it all works out and I have my models.

What else is on the to-do list?

The basics are sorted, what do I have to take care of next?

  • Select the shoot locations after consulting with the photographer (whereby they should be close together to save time)
  • How should the photos be taken – what should be seen in the photos (background, where should the e-bike be placed, should the models ride the bikes or stand next to them, should some landscape photos be taken without models…)? From which perspective should the photos be taken (from below looking upward, straight ahead to the models, from above looking doen, models in the background, close-up photos…)? All of which has to be discussed with the photographer;
  • Compile an exact time plan, when and where which photos should be taken
  • Organise partner companies for clothing and e-bikes (at this juncture big thanks to Martini Sportswear Austria and Intersport Schneider)
  • Organise transport of models and bikes to the locations
  • Inform the hut owners that we’re coming and which food we want to photograph
  • Organise keys for the barriers on the road up to the alpine huts, so that we don’t have to hike to the huts with all the equipment, thus saving some time
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast
  • Pick up the clothing from the companies
  • Prepare briefing for models and send them details (what they have to bring with them, when and where they have to be, what the day’s programme looks like…)
  • Shop for food and drink for the crew (models, photographer and myself)
  • Organise miscellaneous e.g. a suitable saying to write in the peak book, binoculars, a typical Austrian hat with tuft of chamois hair…)

Sometimes the weather puts a spanner in the works

Today’s the day of my first photo shoot, the weather forecast is super and looking out of the window I can see a wonderfully blue sky and sunshine. After breakfast I pack my paraphernalia in the bus and set off to purchase a snack for us all. Suddenly my mobile phone rings and it’s Christian, the photographer: “I think we’ll have to postpone the shoot as thick clouds are gathering”. Drat! With all the excitement I hadn’t noticed the clouds. It can’t be helped, I quickly call the models and tell them to come an hour later. However, the weather doesn’t improve and we have to cancel the shoot altogether – what I shame, I was so looking forward to it.

New date                                                                                              

A new date has to be set for the photo shoot. Not an easy task when everyone’s already made plans. And the huge uncertainty, whether the weather forecast is going to deliver what it promises, doesn’t help the matter. However, we agree on another date and all hope that the weather means well with us this time.

Off we go – to the Zauchbach stream

Now it’s finally time, the bikes are loaded and we’re on our way to Zauchensee to find the perfect spot for our photo shoot. My role today is to shine light on the models with my “sunlight-deflector-thingmy”, I’ve absolutely no idea what it’s really called, so that the photos are brighter. Easier said than done, however as time goes by it gets easier. The models seem to be having fun and after a short while they’re wet from top to bottom from splashing in the water – that’s what I call full commitment to the job.

Sattelbauer and Lackenalmen

The photos by the river are done and we’re on our way to the popular excursion destination of  Sattelbauer, where we make a short stop for a few photos. Then we head on further to the Lackenalmen. Up here there’s such a fantastic backdrop – the “Lacken“, the pools which give the alpine pasture area its name are perfect for our photos, as everything is beautifully reflected in them. After a short while we have awakened the cows‘ interest. Due to their curiosity they stand exactly on the path, where we wanted to photograph. But that’s ok, as it’s actually “their stomping ground“  and that’s why we decide to drive on up further to the alm.

It’s already half past two and we’re all really hungry, however, before the tasty food can be eaten, it has to be photographed – that’s really cruel. The platter and cheese snacks look tasty and the home-made fritters too – a dream! According to the motto: “up on the alpine pasture, there’s no sin“ I can quickly convince the devil on my shoulder, who always thinks of my figure, to enjoy my fritter with pleasure. Okay, admittedly he’s easily persuaded when it comes to sweet things.

A look at the clock astonishes us briefly, it’s already four thirty and we have to head up to the peak cross. So come on, let’s go, although it’s quite cosy here with Mike at the alpine hut, we still have plenty to do.

Up to the Lackenkogel

The way up to the Lackenkogel is of course used to take photos, but we make headway and reach the peak cross in just over one hour. The panoramic view never ceases to amaze me, even though I’ve been up here at the peak many times. The long-distance view, offered by the Enns Valley, is a dream and perfect for our photos! We are really lucky, as there are still three paragliders on the peak, who have just jumped into the air and decorate our pictures with their colourful wings. That must be a liberating feeling, I’ll give it a go too sometime.

The sinking sun offers us a breathtaking light for the last photos and walking back down we watch as the sun slowly disappears behind the mountains. Equipped with headlamps and jackets, as it’s got colder now, we head off on our e-bikes back to the Sattelbauer, where we parked. At around half past nine we finally return to our starting point, tired but happy. It was a really long day with 12 hours of shooting photos, but worth it.

Flachau Lackenkogel hiking tour 

e-bike rental – Intersport Schneider

Hiking outfits by Martini sportswear


Photos by Christian Schartner

Photo credits: Katja Eggenhofer, Salzburger Sportwelt

That’s where I’m from, that’s where I belong – my mountains, I can’t imagine being without them. The view at the peak arouses a feeling of freedom in me, that I can’t find anywhere else. I’m simply a child of the mountains. I would like to introduce you to my wonderful home and show you my favourite spots.

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