Skiing from another point of view
Skiing in Ski amadé

Skiing from another point of view

I cannot wait to go skiing again!

Yesterday evening, when I looked through my pictures, I found a very special album: the pictures made with my GoPro from last year’s skiing day at the Shuttleberg in Wagrain-Kleinarl! Full of anticipation I open the album and start to look through the images.

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The adventure of the GoPro

I still remember it well that we were one of the first skiers on the slopes this morning and the snow still showed the fresh grooves made by the grooming machines. To fully capture the beautiful weather and the perfect slope conditions, without the annoying stops including frozen fingers to take pictures, I installed a GoPro on my helmet. This is a small, waterproof camera, which is perfect for capturing sportive activities. Although it was an unfamiliar feeling at the beginning, the camera on my head is soon forgotten and we enjoy the slopes without unnecessary stops. The extreme wide-angle of the GoPro and its position create gorgeous panoramic landscape shots, but are also responsible for funny and crooked snapshots.

Skiing in Ski amadé

Speedskiing from another view

Now we had to test how fast we can go down the slopes and we headed for the starting house of the speedski track. I do not remember our times, but it definitely made a lot of fun!

Skiing in Ski amadé

The Absolut Park: only watching is also worth the visit

Several lift rides and numerous carving-swings later we wanted to stop by at the Absolut Park. Even if we are not one of these adrenaline junkies who love to present their skills in the park: we definitely enjoy watching them. Therefore we took the slope next to the jumps and stopped several times to watch the freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

Skiing in Ski amadé

The T-bar lift at the Fürstwand: the last of its kind at the Shuttleberg

Because the t-bar lift at the Fürstwand was replaced by the Lumberjack, which is now the fastest and longest chairlift at the Shuttleberg, we had to pay our old friend a last visit. Because of the special feeling of gliding on the ground through the landscape, instead of sitting in a chairlift high up in the air, I am a little nostalgic about his departure. And of course because the pictures of this lift-ride are particularly beautiful.

Ski-Cross for everybody

At the end of our skiing trip we wanted to try out the new Ski-Cross track. These competitions look spectacular on television! At the starting grid, I had to admit that the jumps and the first steep turn, which I could see from my position, looked very scary – but racing down the course, be pressed into the steep turns and take off at the jumps was a great fun! Even with my relatively slow tempo.

Skiing in Ski amadé

Winter, when are you finally coming?

After browsing through my album I became very wistful, I would like to unpack my skis and get on the slopes immediately. I am really looking forward to the feeling of the first descent on the freshly prepared slopes in the morning. Or to the delicious food on one of the ski-huts after an adventurous day. I’d better start right now and bring my skis to the service, so that they will be ready when the first snow is falling and the lifts are opening for the winter season. My GoPro will definitely join me again!

Skiing in Ski amadé

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Photo credits: Eva Pfisterer

I live in St. Johann im Pongau and enjoy yoga, my stand-up paddle board, books and cats. In summer and winter I’m out and about in the mountains, hiking, skiing or snowboarding. I take every opportunity to try out new sports and equipment.

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