Music bonds and makes festivals really festive
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Music bonds and makes festivals really festive

Einige von ihnen spielen Musik. Musik verbindet und sie macht Feste erst so richtig feierlich. Und dass die Flachauer gerne feiern, ist auch nicht ganz unbekannt.

Beim Schreiben des Veranstaltungsprogramms ist mir neulich aufgefallen, wie oft ich eigentlich den Satz „Für musikalische Unterhaltung sorgt die Trachtenmusikkapelle Flachau“ schreibe. Egal, ob es um kirchliche Feste, traditionelle Umzüge, das beliebte Schlossfest auf Schloss Höch, die Bergmesse am Grießenkareck, das Stille Nacht Blasen zu Weihnachten oder „einfach nur“ um die vielen Platzkonzerte während der Sommermonate geht, unsere Trachtenmusikkapelle oder kurz TMK Flachau ist aus dem Dorfleben ganz und gar nicht wegzudenken. Wie hätte wohl der Empfang für unsere Spitzensportler Manuela und Claudia Riegler nach ihrer Snowboard-WM-Medaille  ausgesehen? Und wer, wenn nicht diese Blasmusikkapelle hätte die Skilegende Hermann Maier derart festlich empfangen und sogar mit eigens für ihn komponiertem Marsch überraschen können?

The fact that every resort in the region has its own band is not to be taken for granted. Every beautifully played piece of music is a result of intense practice and optimum co-operation as a team. In addition to or to be more precise after in-depth rehearsals socialising together is an absolute must – the 16-year old girl musician is just as keen as her Grandfather, who has played the tuba for decades.

A particularly busy time for our musicians is the autumn. As mid-November the annual Cecilia Concert – without a doubt one of the highlights of the band’s year – is top of the programme.

Peter Oberreiter has not just been a valued office colleague of mine for many years, he is also a passionate musician and has been Flachau Village Band leader since 2010.  If you get chance to travel with him in his car, you can or may (depending) listen to a wide range of music. Jazz, classical, polkas or marches – what his car radio offers can only be described as extremely varied.

He’s also practically predestined to give us an insight into life behind the scenes of the Flachau Village Band.

Peter, how often do you perform in a year?

Each year we have around 50 rehearsals and 30 engagements. So we meet up around every 4 or 5 days, whereby in the warmer months our get-togethers are more often than in the winter months. Between December and February we have a winter break to recharge our musical batteries.

The Flachau Village Band has 64 members at the moment. The youngest musicians are 13 years old, the oldest 73 years old. How do you manage to cater for all ages?  

The average age of our band members is 28 and at the moment it’s trendy amongst the youngsters to learn a musical instrument and to play in the band. I think it’s a mixture of older musicians and bringing their experience and younger musicians bringing a youthful touch to the band. All musicians have to pull together to perform a piece of music. That’s what bonds us together.

How does a young musician make it from learning an instrument to playing officially in the village band?

Children normally learn a musical instrument from an age of around 8 to 10 years at the Musikum music school, then after 3 or 4 years lessons they take the exam for the bronze proficiency badge awarded by the Salzburg Brass Music Assoc. After this exam in spring they can then practice with the village band and enjoy their debut at the annual Cecilia Concert in November as official member of the Flachau Village band.

The annual Cecilia Concert is just around the corner. How do you prepare for this concert highlight?

Preparation begins already in winter, meaning for me selecting new pieces of music and trying them out with regard to their suitability, possible soloists etc. That’s how a varied programme slowly but surely comes together. For me it’s always important that the programme is colourful, so that there’s something for all concertgoers. Ranging from classical sounds, polkas and marches to somewhat more modern melodies and solo pieces. From the end of August onwards we study the programme at numerous full and section rehearsals, so that we can hopefully give our utmost to ensure the satisfaction of our audience.

If you fancy seeing the Flachau Village Band playing live, you’re sure to find one or other opportunity to do so in our calendar of events.

Here you’ll find the link to the Flachau Village Band’s official website.

Photo credits: Christian Fischbacher, Simone Kaswurm, Katja Mazur

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