Cinema in the tower Radstadt – big pictures!
great cinema is on the programme

Cinema in the tower Radstadt – big pictures!

Video, DVD, streaming – are all very well, but you can’t replace a real cinema.
So yesterday I once again found my way to the “Zeughaus am Turm“ and treated myself to a good film. For around 15 years now Wednesday evening has been a set date for all cinema enthusiasts in Radstadt and the surrounding area, as great cinema is on the programme.

The cinema is dead – long live the cinema
I can remember, how around 15 years ago the death of the cinema was in full swing here in country areas and as a result the Radstadt Culture Group “Das Zentrum“ was set up to counteract this trend. What started out as a sort of mobile cinema in the local town hall, often with a sparse audience, very quickly became a weekly cultural highlight.

Nowadays the “Cinema in the tower” has cult status and is seemingly indispensible. Since the move to the   “Zeughaus” in the Town Tower around ten years ago, there have are been always plenty of keen cinemagoers and rightly so, as those responsible show good taste in their choice and without exception films of the highest quality are shown. I admit I was sceptical at first, as many of the foreign films were shown in their original version with subtitles. But I quickly realised this adds to the pleasure of a cinema evening, as you are spared badly translated dialogues. Films shown are mostly bang up-to-date.

Open-air cinema
The “Cinema in the tower” received an additional upgrade some years ago due to the installation of an open-air cinema in the inner courtyard of the former local court during the months of July and August.  Thus I was able to experience first-hand that open-air cinema has lost nothing of its fascination – providing the weather co-operates! My weekly planning has also been knocked on the head due to
the “Cinema in the tower)  in the past few years. Whereas previously Wednesday evening was always reserved for Champions League matches, now Messi, Ronaldo, Robben & co. have to do without me – oh well, they’ll survive.

It doesn’t always have to be an Oscar
In November I’m taking a few days holiday, as the 17th Radstadt Film Festival takes place from 6th to 10th of November 2019. As in previous years, the term “homeland“ is a main focus of the festival. Thus themes such as tradition, various generations living together and also escape and migration are touched on and cinemagoers are given an insight into the varying viewpoints. The wide range of national and international films guarantees diverse and discerning cinema entertainment. Plus there are some Salzburg premieres and even an Austrian premiere on the festival programme. A number of film makers will also be present this year, to present their films and to talk about their work during film discussions, enhancing the festival immensely.

So – if you’re looking for me – I’m at the cinema!

small cinema Austria

Photo credits: TVB Radstadt

Living in one of the most beautiful regions in the world is simply unbeatable. Even in my childhood the region around my home town of Radstadt was a giant playground for me. Today I find here balance, peace and relaxation and my fascination for mountains is unbroken. I also enjoy penning my experiences so others can enjoy them too.

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