About the first snowflakes and the grand anticipation of winter

About the first snowflakes and the grand anticipation of winter

Mother Holle has been busy. The first snowflakes have even reached us down in the valley and the mountains are already beautifully snow-capped.

My 8-year old daughter, Catharina, came home from school today full of excitement. “Mummy, where’s my ski overall and my winter boots? I need gloves, scarf and a hat too. And can we please get my sledge and bob down from the attic? But quickly please.

She’s in a real hurry. Whilst I dig out the winter equipment, homework is accomplished at break-neck speed.


It’s snowing outside, soft as cotton wool, in wonderfully large flakes and already a few centimetres are lying thick on the ground. In full winter gear Catharina is ready for action. Carrying her bob sled she stomps up the hill in front of our house, so as to whizz back again for the first time this season. Even though there are only a few centimetres on the ground in November, it’s enough for bob sledding. After two hours of intense physical exercise she comes back indoors to warm up. Her cheeks are glowing red – on the one hand due to the fresh, yet cold air, on the other hand due to her sheer delight at the winter wonderland.

“Wow that was fun, Mummy. Mmmmhhh, the hot chocolate tastes great. Tomorrow we really must pick up our skis from the sports shop and can we please buy our season lift passes? As it can’t be long now until the lifts are open again. And can you help me build a snowman?“

She talks my head off – but with such enthusiasm, that I also feel a joyous tingling feeling. So I wrap up warm and together we form snowballs of various sizes, which we then put together to make a small snowman. He’s not big, but he looks funny with his huge carrot nose. During the snowball fight afterwards I get completely bombarded.

Tired, but exuberantly happy and in full anticipation of the coming winter Catharina falls asleep somewhat earlier than usual this evening.

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Photo credit: Elisabeth Hartl

Mountains are my passion – I’m out and about outdoors as often as possible – sometimes alone – sometimes with my family, sometimes with friends. I enjoy living in a region, which offers my so many possibilities to “be outdoors”.

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